Client-Side specialize in specific types of data or specific

Client-Side Versus Server-Side


Server-side is the action that takes place on the web
server. A server is basically a computer application such as a web server and
it runs on a remote server. Server side operates both in response to client
requests and non-client-oriented operations and that’s why many people use it.
Many types of web servers specialize in specific types of data or specific
processing capabilities. Servers and clients are basically the process of
requesting and receiving web content and you must do is click on a URL link to
go on the webpage that you wanted to go on. Clients are basically the devices
that request and want the web content. Popular clients could be mobile
applications and browsers and the number of clients is growing rapidly so that
they can access the web content. The requests are trying to keep with new
clients and how they access the web content.

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Examples of client side could be the user customizing
the internet browser that they will be using and to make it so that the user
can read and see all the information that is on screen. Customization could
include improving the style of the webpage and you could change it using
client-side scripting and you wouldn’t need to refresh the webpage, on the
other hand, for server-side scripting, you will need to refresh every time you
make a change to the webpage’s appearance. When you are using client server scripting,
it helps save web processing power, so the user’s computer will be able to
handle the animation that it creates.

Some examples of server-side scripting could be dealing
with databases and complex calculation and that could include calculating the
input and output of the database. This is why it is better to use the server-side
scripting to create database because the server-side processing power is really
strong and it capability of running the programs is a lot better than the
client side. When you are using client-side languages such as JavaScript, it
will not work on databases and it also means that the users can view the
JavaScript code on the webpage source and that is a bad thing. Hackers can hack
their way through the JavaScript code and the hacker will be able to get the
usernames and passwords from the database. People use server-side languages
because it allows users to store data one page and it could be accessed on
another page. Server-side scripting will allow the user to reserve orders so no
one else could buy that from you and you will reserve the product on an
e-Commerce website and the item will be reserved for 24 hours.

Client Side

are many advantages of using client side instead of server side and the client
side allows more interactivity for the user actions and the data gets executed
really quickly and you don’t need a trip to the server. When the user uses a
web browser that is supported by the client-side script then it will improve
the usability of the website that you go on and if the website/webpage has got
any web widgets, the developers that made the web widgets would get more
control over the look and behaviour of the web widgets if you use the client-side
scripts. When you are using client-side scripts and the browser that you are
using does not support the client-side script, you can support then you can have
substituted to an alternative language for example HTML.  If the Web page has a simple script then the
user would be immediately notified of his data entry error, more importantly,
the page would not have been sent to the server until it was validated and
complete. The main advantage that people use client
side is because of the speed of the server.

are few disadvantages of using and the first one is that when you are using client-side
scripts, not all the browsers support scripts so many users would have problems
and they might make many errors if nothing else has been provided. There are
many different browsers now a day and not all the browsers use the same scripts
or the same versions of support scripts. You might not find the same version of
script that you have with a browser that has that version that you are looking
for. When you are using client-side scripts, it might take more development
time and a lot more effect will be needed. Sometimes
if a user is conscious of security risks they may switch the
scripting facility off, that’s main disadvantage because a lot of people don’t
use client-side scripts because of the security risks and they would prefer to
use server-side scripts.


Server Side

There are many advantages of using server-side
scripting and one of the advantages is that users are able to create your own template
for entire website and this would be favourable to the users because they are
able to create their website to look exactly how they wanted it to look. When
you are using server-side scripting it is usually faster than using client-side
scripting and the user is able to include external files in the server so that
they can save the coding. When you are using server-side scripting, the scripts
are hidden so that it is more secure, and the hackers wouldn’t be able to get
to it. The only thing that the user will be able to see is the HTML output but
when you are client-side scripting, the JavaScript is visible to the users and
that is a bad thing because the hackers can also get to it. Server-side
scripting is very easy to learn and to use and also the programming knowledge
and the experience isn’t that high, so you can get into it. Server side allows
the addition of dynamic and it provides interactive activities to the webpages
and also the editing of the code and the running of it is fairly fast.

There are a few disadvantages when you are using server-side
scripting and one of the disadvantages that you need to have a scripting
software for you to be able to use the server-side scripting and you will need
to have it installed on the server. When you are using dynamic scripts, it
always creates new security flaws and concerns for the user and this is
extremely bad because a hacker could exploit that code flaw and could take
personal information from. Server-side scripting requires a database for the user,
so they can store data and the complexity of the code will need to be written
and tested so that it is good to go. server side scripting is slower than
client side scripting because each line needs to be translated then it needs to
be executed after that.