Celebrities social media, films and Television, interviews, documentaries, and

Celebrities are given a significant amount of power in
our society. This power can be used to influence the public opinion on global
issues. For this reason, celebrity activism has been a major part of society
for the past decades. Several high profile people, given this power, decide to
use it to raise awareness on humanitarian issues such as poverty, abuse,
health, Human rights and so on and so forth. Therefore, celebrity personalities
should be involved in humanitarian work as they have a wide range of resources,
such as social media, films and Television, interviews, documentaries, and so
on and so forth, that allows them to support the causes and ultimately raise awareness
on the issues. It will be explored by discussing…


The celebrity personalities can use the power they are
given by society to raise awareness on social and humanitarian issues that
affect the world. These issues are advocated by high profile celebrities whether
they are a television/movie star or a musician. Professor Mark Wheeler stated
that they use “…their fame to draw attention to a range of humanitarian…activities…”
(Wheeler, 2012). He also discusses how celebrity activists use their fame to
bring attention to faraway tragedies, this therefore shows that they have the
power to raise awareness to international events. This is further supported by
Funk who states that celebrity activism is the “… one of the most effective
methods of attracting a wide… following…” and that they use their power of
being a celebrity for good by effecting change (Funk, 2012). Celebrity activism
can also be used to “humanise” the issue. An example of this is when Princess
Diana was photographed touching an AIDS victim. This showed the world that AIDS
victims are safe to be around (Smalley, 2009). This action performed by
Princess Diana was proof to the world that AIDS was not contagious through touch,
which raised awareness around the globe. Therefore, celebrity Humanitarianism
is a positive action as it raises awareness through their fame by drawing
attention to the issues they are advocating, through various resources.

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Celebrities should be involved in Humanitarian work as
the capacity to support many different charities. Miley Cyrus is an example of
this positive celebrity humanitarian displayed. She is very passionate about
the causes she supports such as civil rights, disaster relief, LGBTQ support
AIDS and HIV, at risk/disadvantaged youth and so on and so forth (Appendix A). In
2014 Cyrus was awarded “…the fourth most charitable celebrity of the year by
the non-profit organisation ‘Do Something,’…” (Rayner, 2015).  Cyrus supports approximately 43 charities (Look
to the stars, n.d.) including the “Happy Hippie Foundation” which she founded.
The “Happy Hippie Foundation” is a non-profit organisation that aims to “…fight
injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations…”
(Happy Hippie Foundation, 2014). She hopes to achieve this by assembling “…young
people to fight injustice” (Garland, 2015). Cyrus has joined with Facebook to
create Backyard Sessions, which is a collection of performances from other
famous musicians to encourage the viewers to donate funds to create “…digital
support groups for vulnerable kids and their families…” (Garland, 2015). This
is showing that Miley Cyrus is using her fame to both raise awareness and funds
for the causes she believes in.