Case simple to launch an attack. Finally, the he

Case Study of Insider Sabotage: The Tim Lloyd/Omega


The issue that
happened in Omega was a case of an unhappy employee who decided to get revenge
on the company he had worked for eleven years. The individual, Tim Lloyd had
grown in the company from a junior employee to become the person in charge of
the network system that was very vital to the operations of the company.

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However, when the company reduced his supervisory role over the employees he
was angered, and his conduct became questionable hence leading to his
dismissal. He is accused of displacing the backup tapes before overwriting the
system which led to the company losing all the information in the system, which
ultimately led to it crashing down. In the end, the company system crushed
leading to the loss of data that was used to run the operations of the company
which in turn led to the loss of millions of money by the organization.

It was easy for Lloyd to carry out the sabotage because he was the
person who designed the system and hence he understood its weaknesses and thus
he was the perfect person to exploit the weaknesses. Additionally, the
individual had access to the system and consequently he could have any
passwords and security measures that had been put in place and therefore making
it simple to launch an attack. Finally, the he had adequate time to prepare an
attack without being noticed because he had access to the system while at home.

However, the company would have prevented the events from occurring by not
concentrating such privilege to one individual. Illustratively, the company
should have developed other systems that would monitor the primary system and
ensure that security features are unique to different departments or
individual. In the end, the company had to involve the Secret Service because it
was difficult to establish how the attack occurred and because it had cost the
company so much money.