Carson from this (BBC). This is true for anyone

Carson MosserMrs.UrbanecEnglish 1021 December 2017 The Effects of Videogames on the Brain ¨Today 1.2 billion people play video games at least weekly” (Nichols).  There is a argument about whether video games are good or bad for you.  There are many others but this is the biggest.  Video games are good for people because it improves visual skills, memory, and emotion. People need good visual skills so they can tell what is going on around them.  People who play video games have higher attention and sight than those who don’t.  Demanding tasks have been shown to take less activation to stay focused than those who dont play video games (Nichols).  Which basically means that if you are writing a paper you don’t need a lot of motivation to get into it. It also is shown to increase sustained attention, selective,and others (Nichols).   This is great if a person needs to listen to the teacher and watch.  This probably stems from having to stay focused on a task that needs to be done in a video games.   Also while the average attention span is 8 seconds (Lower than a goldfish), and a gamers can increase from this (BBC).  This is true for anyone young or older.  In a study done by daphne bavelier she tested peoples cognitive visual skills and attention span, and she found “people who play action game perform markedly better than those who do not” (BBC).  Video games make visuospatial skills better (ScienceDaily).  Which involves the ability to interpret 2D and 3D objects.  BBC did their own test with older people playing a kart game and their attention span increased 30% (BBC).  60-85 year olds playing 3D games improved attention and Memory (Nichols).  Memory brings me into another one of my main topics. Memory is very important and is also improved along with visual skills.  Results from The college of california says “By playing 3D games the formation of memories improve”(Nichols).  This can extremely help with people that have memory.  Also if you let your kids play puzzle games they will have a better memory. Which may have something to do with the hippocampus. Because the hippocampus is enlarged when playing video games (Nichols).  The hippocampus for those who don’t know is where short term and long term memories are stored.  So this explains the earlier info showed. People who play 12 hours over two weeks did better in memory tests than people who didn’t (BBC). Video games can also help with old people and memory.  A test with participant between 45 and 70 years of age with brain declines showed that when playing 3D games their memory increased by 12% (Nichols).  This is great because that means older people can keep their brain active while doing fun tasks. Also Brain Decline can be inverted with a small amount of video games (Nichols).  This can also help with brain diseases in old people.  Alzheimer’s can help be prevented with video games (Nichols).  Video games help stimulate the brain and this is probably why.  Alzheimer’s is very serious and can cause memory loss.  Strategy games can also help with reasoning and preventing dementia (Nichols).  Dementia is also another huge factor in memory loss.  Reasoning is also great for older people because they definitely need it.This is really great but there is still one big factor.   Video games may just help depression.  Video games help make you feel depressed (Mcgonigal).  Depression is very serious.  Video games more than once may have just saved a persons life.  It’s no wonder because they have been shown to reduce negative feelings (Lee).  gaming just has an affect on people it’s like a drug but good for you.  In an article by Lee he said “68 third and 66 fourth grade children completed BRUMS after playing AVGs and reduced anger, depression, and vigor” (Lee).  Third grader also did better than the Fourth graders (Lee).  And people wonder why kids love video games.  It makes them feel great. Video games also make people feel more positive.  People who play video games felt more optimistic and had more positive emotions (Mcgonigal).  Optimism is always important because it will stop you from giving up.  The reward system is activated and releases dopamine(Mcgonigal).  Dopamine is released when you feel good. It is also released when taking a drug.  Men also use video games to blow off steam (Klain).  After a long day at work they just wanna relax. Video games, man aren’t they great.  They help improve visual skills, memory, and emotions.  Which is basically a three in one package.  Visual skills are improved in attention and visual spatial skills.  Older people can get help with their memory and so can younger people.  People with depression can get help and just maybe feel happier.So why wouldn’t people play video games when they have only a couple reasons that would stop them.