By knows that lower risks equals lower costs. This

By International strategy means expand business across
national borders. Strategy stands by itself; it means the actions taken by
managers to attain the goals of the firms. Stereotypically, strategies focus on
making profit for the corporations and profit growth of the MNCs. In general,
smart companies expand internationally to achieve important strategic
objectives, which help deliver unique value. Increasing sale, cutting cost,
managing risks and learning new things are the strategic objectives.

Sales: when MNCs decided to expand their corporations, their target is
increasing sales not only in their home country but escalating sales out of
their nation.

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costs: companies move their production to developing country to cut
production costs, such as labor costs, operation costs and rental costs. For
instance: Apple moved their factory from United State to China, so they can
lower production by unit.

risks: everyone knows that lower risks equals lower costs. This means the
company will face lower risks, when it divides their partial sales into several
countries. Thus, when the economic storm hit
one country, others country still operate as normal. Therefore, company still
makes profit.

new things: customers in different countries often want different things,
which can lead to discovering different product feature. Consequently, MNCs
will learn from different customer, and their corporate force to innovate
faster than ever.