Business to access this. By partnering with Citymapper it

Business Model Innovation will allow SWR to improve
margins and lead to more financial success. Therefore, Enterprise Model Innovation
allows external collaboration, while using integration to access this. By
partnering with Citymapper it allows SWR to leverage their unique assets and
capabilities of providing its customers with real time information and on time
trains, providing competitive differentiations. The relationship between SWR
current service offerings and Citymapper performance will be the key reason for
the innovative idea.


The Team at
Citymapper have the skills and experiences to build and update a professional
application, with a high quality and lower cost. The eye-catching UI allows
customers to be navigated around the free application easily. Society believes transportation
apps are the same however Citymapper is the 4th most downloaded application
in the UK, having such a good reputation will allow them to target a bigger
audience of SWR passengers. The innovation of sensors on the doors will have an
opportunity to lead the market, as it will be a need to businesses who seek this
type of technology, joint research and development will allow SWR to improve
the existing services and network while lowering costs.

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Incremental innovation provides the same kind of value
proposition and targets the existing customers and so this model would be best
suited to help provide customers abroad a SWR a better customer experience. Customer
relations are continuously providing improvements of existing channels and so
the value chain architecture fits perfectly with the lean innovation process.


The co-creation, SWR and Citymapper are always trying to
provide the similar core competences of each other. Incremental innovation will
allow SWR to meet the current innovative idea of sensors above doors to
determine the number of people on each carriage, and Citymapper by updating
their application keep up with the technological demands of 21st
century technology. Partnering network allows them to be familiar of the
process and make profits by incremental cost cutting in existing processes. Incremental innovation provides both parties
with low level of uncertainty and risk.


This new and innovative service will put
Citymapper and SWR on the market in order to quickly stake out market share in
emerging industries, then gradually improve their offering or a new disruptive
innovation, making them to be a contender in the industry or even best in the
field. It is essential to innovate product offerings
for SWR, as their business model needed an element of working with external
business to provide a better experience for its customers. Nonetheless, Keeley’s
Ten Types of Innovation framework provides a way
to identify new opportunities beyond products and develop viable innovations, and
allows us to look across the entire scope of the business activities