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Book Report Submission: 1 Date: 1/30/2018Pages 1 to 40; Chapters included (1-6)Summary: In the book, Moon Over Manifest, the first character is introduced whose name is Abilene. Abilene is on a train and she begins to use her imagination to visualize what Manifest looks like. According to Abilene, she had only heard stories and descriptions of the town by her father, Gideon Tucker. Abilene’s father has sent her away to Manifest since he got a railroad job in Iowa and is afraid it is not a town for a little girl so he decides to send her away to Manifest. Once Abilene arrives she meets the guy who will be looking after her named Shady. They arrive at a newspaper office where Abilene meets Hattie Mae. (Hattie Mae writes a newspaper column for the Manifest Herald and one of her columns from 1918 is shown in chapter 1). During her visit, Hattie and Shady begin talking about Abilene’s father who supposedly has only sent her away for the summer. However, she hears them whispering as if hiding something and begins to wonder if maybe she might stay for longer time. Abilene and Shady then part ways with Hattie and head to his house where Abilene realizes his house is very different and peculiar compared to others. It is a combination of a house, church, and saloon. Upon arriving, Abilene goes to her room where she will be staying and finds a hidden box with different antiques and wonders if any of it were possessions of her father. The next day she is forced to go to her school where she meets new people and most importantly Lettie, and Ruthanne who were assigned to help her work on her assignment. At the end of the sixth chapter, all the girls go up to a tree house where they search and inspect the hidden box, in which they come across a letter to Jinx from Ned who warns about a spy and a map of the town. At this point, they have no idea who Jinx or Ned are and that is their mission to discover what the purpose of the letter is. (Vanderpool, 2010) Historical Events/Context:Moon Over Manifest is a book that takes place during the great depression in 1930. It also brings up events that occurred in 1918 which will also be a crucial period for the setting of the book. The audience can conclude that it will have something to do with World War 1 since that took place around that time. Since the book is based in present time 1936, which was during the Great Depression, Abilene describes the town as very torn down and the people seem to be outside their shops observing around. Others are in their stores sweating and fanning themselves to keep cool. (Vanderpool, 2010)Opinion:Although I had to reread the first part a couple of times because it was a little confusing, I think it will be educational and enjoyable. Since it is based during the Great Depression, I think it will be somewhat informative and provide a description of how life was like for people, especially children. It will especially provide me with a better understanding of the impact of the Great Depression on society. I am interested to keep on reading. I like that it is mysterious and entertaining. I was expecting it to be kind of boring but it is not like that at all.  (Vanderpool, 2010)Works Cited Page