Billboards is $2,100. Not included in these figures are

Billboards are all over the highways, they can be seen
wherever you go.  They are even on some
backroads that were once main roads till highways were made around them.  In the end, billboards are one of the many
ways of marketing that is always there. 
Although there have been improvements on the technology behind them.  This day in age it is not uncommon to see
digital billboards that are very much like giant tv screens that rotate ads
every so many minutes. 

On my way to work every day I see about ten billboards there
and back.  Some of these billboards are
the digital ones mentioned above.  These
billboards are very easy to remember due to the fact that they are entertaining
and use very engaging thoughts.  For
example, on Halloween, there was one that said, “don’t be afraid of the one
nightstand” and had a picture of a nightstand that looked possessed.  It is billboards similar to this that I feel
stand out due to the humor and thought behind it.

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After paying attention to my work route, I counted eight
billboard signs.  Three of which were
digital signs.  “Predictions show that Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) will account
for 39% of total
revenues in the
Outdoor Advertising sector by 2019 and leaders in the space recognize that the
effective use of location data is fundamental in achieving a shift from static
to more dynamic Outdoor Advertising.” (Broderick, 2017).  It would seem that digital billboards are
becoming more and more popular.  This is
do to the fact that it is easier to add and take away programming.  On traditional billboards, it would take two
or more workers to replace one add with another, along with an extended amount
of time in order to do this.  Moving
toward digital billboards makes sense. 

Are these digital boards more cost effective?  “Depending on the print medium for the static
print menus, on average, customers say that they cost about $250-$350 per store
each update. Now let’s do the math. We’ll use $300 as a middle ground number.
Say the chain has 1000 locations; it comes to $300,000 each time a new menu
board needs to be printed. On average, we’ve experienced major updates to the
menu boards 6-8 times per year. Again, our middle ground number is 7 updates
per year and that brings us to an annual cost of $2.1m! Per store breakdown is
$2,100. Not included in these figures are the shipping costs and the amount of
time installation the signs at each store. To compare, on average, recurring
fees for digital menu boards have been $1000-$1500 per year at each location.
Noventri on average charges less than $600 per year for each location.”
(Rollins, 2014) This is just one example on how the digital era is taking over
billboards.  It is a more cost-efficient
way that is more cost effective than traditional billboards.

When it comes to social media, there are many different
aspects that have already been perfected. 
If you look at Facebook, it has evolved to cover almost everything that
anyone could want.  You have things that
are for sale, games that can be played with friends, even chat with other
people in a messenger setting.  To me
that is the best format for social media. 
How can we create something better? 
Along with sites like Facebook, there are also forum sites that focus on
specific areas.  These are also forms of
social media.  However, when it comes to
the auto industry, there are only forums and the programing behind is sometimes
difficult to maneuver.  So, my social
media site would be called Horsepower. 
Horsepower would allow a common ground for all performance car fanatics.  It would have numerous different car frames
for users to choose from in order to find their cars.  From there they could read up on manuals, and
other car fanatics car builds.  There
would also be an addition of vehicle specific vendors that can post on the
media when certain parts are on sale, or when new performance cars are about to
hit the market. 

Horsepower social media is to focus on the aftermarket side
of the auto industry, this is to allow consumers to see what’s up and coming in
the performance sector along with getting in touch with other car enthusiasts
in the area.  Another aspect would to be
able to post a schedule on what car meets are available in the area. 
In the end social media has many aspects that can focus on specific areas.
 Horsepower social media is one step in a
gathered car performance enthusiast site geared strictly to performance cars that
brings everyone together.