Best What Jose experienced as he reported the practices

Best Meet International is one of the stakeholders who would be
affected by this scenario. In addition to the regulation departments in the US
as well as the ones located in the countries where Best Meet International does
business from will also be affected. Finally, the consumers in the developing
countries that receive and use the products will also be labeled as a
stakeholder who is affected in this scenario.

The practice of repackaging and selling the food past the
expiration date is an ethical issue raised by Best Meet International. The
company was engaging in this practice and providing false information
misleading the consumers to just cut cost is unethical. Yes, the global context
makes a difference as it is displayed that the regulatory demands within the US
are much stricter than those in the developing countries, which enhances and
widens the problem.

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Regarding opportunities to rectify the situation Best Meet
International can revamp their standards in the developing countries and speak
out against such practices. In addition, Best Meet International can implement
a process of where employees like Jose can feel safe and anonymous to report
anything they feel is not compliant with ethics or the companies mission
statement. Jose should feel that no retaliation will be involved and the
employees within after investigation of the issue can be made aware to nurture
a transparent culture when it comes to whistleblowing.

What Jose experienced as he reported the practices to his
management team Maria and Mike, conveyed how they truly feel about the
unethical tactics in the developing countries. It was perceived that making
profit and continuing sales is more important than their consumer’s health and
right to know in regard to the product they are purchasing. While that is only
two members of the management team they represent Best Meet International, and
it will be assumed that the entire management shares the same feelings.

Best Meet International can face a major blow to the brand and
reputation internationally and within the United States. It can also raise the
attention of the regulatory departments in the United States to investigate and
ensure the company is following procedures within the country. Also,
internationally being made aware of what the company was engaging in with the
repackaging of foods they may legally act upon disciplining Best Meet
International as well.

the alternative for Best Meet International will involve repairing the
negativity coming towards the brand and regaining consumer trust. Speaking out
against the previous practices, bringing in a transparent culture and having
those who were in a position of power and aware of the situations held
accountable and resign. As it would not be instantaneous the reputation of the
brand can be fixed over time.