Before b) The reduction of the overall project duration.

Before choosing the
correct procurement strategy, the following aspects should be taken into

Programme certainty.

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The reduction of the overall project duration.

Early release of the units.


Procurement routes that
allow the overlapping of design and procurement activities are appropriate,
with construction management and two-stage design-and-build being the most
common options.  Construction management
is the preferred option for large regional schemes, where design and
construction must overlap to achieve an acceptable programme.

Regardless of the
procurement strategy, the client needs to ensure that these
aspects of the project are properly resourced, as limited design information,
or insufficient contractor management input could result in extra costs being
incurred later.

Effective on-site
problem-solving and liaison inevitably relies on well-resourced design and
contractor teams that are focused on delivering value to the client. Similarly
the client will want to be certain that high quality subcontractors have been
engaged and that full consideration of the condition of the existing building
and project logistics has been included in the bid.

Design management 

is a crucial discipline – not only to make sure that the programme is met, but
also ensuring
that production information is fully co-ordinated and ready for construction.
Working with an extended design team also increases the number of interfaces,
contracts and programmes which need to be managed by the client

Main contractor

importance of risk management, the certainty of delivery and the involvement of
banks in the choice of procurement strategy have resulted in the adoption of
approaches that focus responsibility for design management, project delivery
and commercial risk on the contractor. Two-stage design and build would be the
commonest approach, with executive design team roles novated to the contractor.