Bags… items snug and shield all our valuables and

Bags… What you are carrying on you today?.

Bags are THE
most essential of all essentials. They are versatile, functional and don’t ever
get to take a break because besides looking great, they also very useful.
They keep all our useful items snug and shield all our valuables and
no-so valuables from unpredictable weather, wear and tear and theft. Bags look chic and oh so flattering to
any outfit. They add poise and
complete whatever look we might be going for.

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At this day
and age with online shopping and so many brands available, we have never been
this spoilt for choice. It may feel completely overwhelming to navigate through
the endless ranges of types of bags available. There are countless number of styles in countless different types of material and
color. It can be tough to make a choice and to understand what is worth every penny and what

Anyone interested in trends should know what goes with what to
accentuate the look. There are sling bags, tote bags, clutches, laptop bags, and handbags
to name a few. Bags add versatility to our personality and can liven up our
look. The right bag can do wonders for our overall look and can give us that
extra edge which is difficult to achieve with just an outfit. Let’s face it, bags make us feel more like a woman
and add confidence. To know what bag is used for when and for what part
of the day can be tough to remember, so here is a list to make life simple for



aren’t always for school going kids. They add adventure and sportiness
to your look and are great for outdoors and for also carrying a lot more stuff
that would normally not fit in a handbag, A backpack is also called a rucksack and should be carried on both
shoulders. They are a must have
for students and adventure enthusiasts.

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Clutch Bag

These are rectangular in shape and are wide from one side
and narrow from the other. They normally don’t have a sling and are carried in
your hand. They are small comparatively
to other bags and are perfect (only parties would
do)for night parties
and occasions. They
get the name clutch because the carries literally clutches the bags in her hands. They come in triangle,
squares and even hearts!

You can pack in just a few accessories like a wallet and a

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Tote bag

A tote is the
quintessential casual bag. Every
girl, woman and lady needs a tote.
These are big bags that pack a lot of stuff and give you a polished and smart
look. Depending on the color and material they can be fun, flirty and serious
and chic. A lightweight tote is just the right size for fewer items and a
sturdy canvas tote can be perfect for shopping and a leather tote is ideal for
office and meetings with clients.

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The Medium-sized Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are sleek and womanly. They can be versatile
and their appeal can range from sporty to everyday go to bags. The style allows for greater mobility than your regular
satchel bag because of its style. They are easy to carry and perfect for almost
every occasion. The come in leather, canvas , even suede. They are perfect for any season and if they have
zips which most do, they keep all your essentials safe and snug. The
wide range in this style can bring out the personality in any woman.


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The best way to pick a bag is to know what you will be
using it for and how much stuff you need to put in it.