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Austin LutzMr.McKown Reconstruction EraThe Reconstruction Era    The Reconstruction Era is a time in the United States where they were breaking off slavery after the Civil War. During this Era they created three new amendments and put them in the the Constitution. These amendments were the 13th, 14th, and the 15th. The whole purpose for these amendments were to protect black people, and to outlaw slavery across the nation. What i’m gonna be explaining is how the Reconstruction Era came up with these amendments and why they were made.On the date of January 1st, 1863, A law was created to free slaves in rebellion states, and they were aloud to join the army and fight for what’s right. On the date of April 8th, 1864 the Senate passed the 13th amendment and February 1st, 1865 Abe Lincoln passed the amendment and slavery was now abolished and a law. The 13th amendment is a remade law, because before this became a law there was a law already and it was the Emancipation Proclamation which was made to free slaves only in rebel states, which made slavery legal everywhere else, but this law wasn’t very popular and it wasn’t enforced really at all. Rebel states still held slaves, and they still enforced slavery, they knew they needed something new and to get that idea they had to defeat the Southern States.When the North went to war with the South, many didn’t know what to think. It was a bloody cold war and they fought over the right of black people. The South were just ignorant and wanted to fight over really nothing. Abe Lincoln wanted to push the abolishment of slavery for a while but he couldn’t convince nor enforce it on the South. They broke the law and just didn’t care. Which is the main reason of the Civil War starting.  Once the South lost Abe Lincoln jumped right on top of the situation and before they knew it, slavery was now abolished and illegal. Even though black people were now free people in the United States, many people still hated the fact that were considered equal people with white people.Black people had to deal with their next big step, the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) This was a group created to continue white superiority. Black people didn’t get to keep their freedom very quick, because the KKK was a group created to keep white power and to kill black people. It was very difficult to outlaw this group because they were a secret group, and they also had a lot of support of the police, or judges. The KKK was just a powerful group that was difficult to track and arrest and ban, these members would torture and kill black people, they would tease her black neighbors till they’d pack up and leave, and if they didn’t they’d target their pets, and basically scare them into leaving. They typically burn a cross to show it was the KKK work.  This was a very scary time for black people, President tried to do everything he could to ensure they’d be safe again.When they created the 13th amendment it was meant to fully abolish slavery and have equal right between whites and blacks. When making these plans they probably didn’t think their would be a backlash. Lincoln had one goal when passing that amendment and that was to ensure a man would not work under a slave owner ever again. They made it illegal . to work on there anybody and it was illegal to work to pay off a debt. Abraham Lincoln was successful when it came to thinking of all the possibilities and two and tw Abraham Lincoln was successful when it came to thinking of all the possibilities and to make sure there is no way around the 13th amendment. Other ways this amendment helped people, it made it illegal to work under your free will, which means unless you’ve agreed to work for this person, you’re not legally aloud to work. People still would want black people to work for them but instead of having them as slaves they offered to pay them money this time, actually money not slave money. They’d offer them food, and a home if they’d work, but they were now freemen. Many would continue the working for white men, but it was much different now, they were working for free. Some still didn’t like this, so many people would still hire black men but treat them the same as they did before, it wasn’t anything new for many just yet, some still thought white men were still the superior ones so they’d treat them like slaves, and many would still beat the slaves that’d refuse to do the work or didn’t work to the expectations as the white man had for them, and still not to mention they were still killing black men..    Blacks were still at fear for there lives and were still scared to live here in the U.S scared they’d be killed.Although President Abraham Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863 there were several problems with relying on it to ensure an end to slavery in the U.S. The proclamation was issued using Lincoln’s war powers and there was concerns it could be seen as temporary. The proclamation also only freed slaves and was directed towards the South but that still didn’t stop the South from slavery which leads to the downside of the Emancipation Proclamation, it did not abolish slavery itself. It also applied only to the states that were in active rebellion but did not apply to slaveholding border states or to areas of Confederate states already under Union control at the time.The 13th amendment probably couldn’t have been created if the U.S did not create the House Of Senate, they were the first to agree to pass this, because they saw that America needed a change and the way they were treating the black men just because of the color of their skin wasn’t right and gave a terrible image over America. After The House Of Senate passed this amendment, it still wasn’t enforced until the House Of Representatives approved of the law and after the both of them agreed to pass this amendment it was made a law and was heavily enforced, slave owners were forced to free there slaves, and give them their freedom, they were no longer slaves. The 13th amendment protected black people from being slaves, it may not give them their innocent but it was a step in the right direction. Black people got their first need already, which was freedom and no more slavery, the way the U.S reacted to this was still awful and horrible, people hated the choice to make the black man free, but it didn’t matter anymore, it was done and over with, President Abe Lincoln got what he wanted which was the abolishment of slavery and took that as a good sign for the future.As time went on, Abe Lincoln had another great idea, and that was to make any person born in the United States a natural born American, doesn’t matter what the color of this person’s skin is, black or white, this person was American. This idea was brought up during the time where America was healing from what it’s been through. This amendment stated that any person born in America was an American, the mother nor father didn’t need to be American, as long as the child was born in America.This amendment also had another statement attached to it, and it stated that the local or state government can not strip away anyone’s Life, Liberty, or Property. These rights gave a lot more freedom to the black people and it made many people feel more safe now, it helped them stay alive, gave them a right to be there and alive, and it gave them a home, and just not a home a place where they can go and be safe, nobody can go there and take it away from them.After this amendment was passed, the assassination of Abe Lincoln happened. A confederate man shot him in the head and his name was John Wilkes Booth, and after Abe Lincolns death, America took another hard hit, the country was already recovering from a racial war and a Civil War, but because this, this just hurt the country even more. Even after Lincoln’s death, the new President Andrew Johnson continued what Lincoln was doing, he wanted a new look for the South and he wanted them to see that to. What he did was give the African American people their Civil Rights, and it passed, and the law was now made, it wasn’t just for the blacks, everyone now had Civil Rights. Andrew saw everything Lincoln was working so hard for, and even he saw that the Black people did not deserve everything they were getting he saw that AMerica needed a new look, and that’s exactly what he was for. He continued the great work of Abe LIncoln and fought for the African American people.  The 15th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was one of three changes made to the U.S. Constitution after the Civil War. Collectively, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were known as the Civil War Amendments. The purpose of the 15th Amendment was to ensure that states or communities were not denying men the right to vote simply based on their race. The right to vote is known as suffrage.The 15th Amendment, which was ratified in 1870, contained two sections. Section One stated that ”The right of any citizen to vote shall not be denied or abridged on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” Section Two granted the U.S. Congress the power to enforcement through legislation.During this whole situation Abe Lincoln and Andrew Johnson really made a huge change to America. He stood up for them, his problem though, the KKK, they fought against everything they did. During the Reconstruction of the South, some Southern states still found ways to discriminate against former slaves and limit voting to white men only. Southern states used black codes, which were laws to limit the labor and social rights of former slaves. These limitations on voting were overturned by the 15th Amendment, which President Andrew Johnson unsuccessfully attempted to veto, due to his lenient attitudes towards the former Confederate states and staunch support of state’s rights. The term ‘veto’ refers to the president’s constitutional right to reject congressional legislation. Black people now had the 13th, 14th, and the 15th amendments behind them, and it freed them from slavery, gave them their life back, gave  them a home, and gave them the right to be a voter. They were treated equal now, and were basically treated like AmericansWork Cited