Atheism the divine beings did it.”No other clarification was

Atheism is when one doesn’t have any faith in any type of “Wise Creator” or god as rule alluded to as.The word atheism comes from the root word “theism” which means “belief in higher power.”This is the point at which one has confidence in a god or in some cases various gods depending on the religion one follows. There are no series of practices of atheism or a set rundown of convictions. Author Forrester Church once said, “religion is the human response to being alive and having to die.” In Christianity when one passes away, a paradise anticipates them. In this bliss, they will be embellished with wonderful wings, a sparkling halo, and the greater part of their friends and family will be with them. Atheism then again leaves the subject of life following death open which can be a startling idea to not realize what occurs after passing.In any case, the Atheist’s desire for immortality lessens as they observe that survival and everyday living is more important. Some say everything with a beginning requires a cause. The universe has a beginning and therefore requires a cause. That cause is God. If a higher being didn’t create the universe, who did? How did life begin? There can hardly be a greater inquiry. For quite a bit of mankind’s history, nearly everybody trusted some adaptation of the divine beings did it.”No other clarification was unfathomable. I disagree with this argument because there are scientific explanations as to how the universe was created that bodes well then the clarification that the divine beings were responsible. One scientific explanation as to how the universe became would be; the Big Bang theory. As indicated by the standard Big Bang model, the universe was conceived amid a time of swelling that started around 13.7 billion years prior. Like a quickly extending inflatable, it swelled from a mass littler than an electron to about its present size inside a small portion of a moment. There are other scientific explanations as well such as; the Ekpyrotic Universe Theory. This theory states the universe was conceived not once, but rather various circumstances in unlimited cycles of blazing demise and resurrection. Huge sheet-like “branes” speaking to various parts of our cosmos crash about once like clockwork, activating Big Bang-like blasts that re-infuse matter and vitality into the universe.Similar to the argument that states that the universe was created by the divine being, another argument states that; “Life in this world clearly exhibits design. Therefore, life must have a designer and that designer is God.” I disagree with this argument in view of the fact that science has an explanation for this as well. Researchers believe that life initially began on earth about four billion years back. When it existed, the hypothesis of advancement appears to clarify what occurred next. More than billions of years, life step by step advanced, from straightforward, primitive animals, to what we are today. Some scientists say that life began with a spark of lightning. Electric flashes can produce amino acids and sugars from an air stacked with water, methane, ammonia, and hydrogen. This theory was shown in the great Miller-Urey experiment which was conducted in 1953. This theory proposes that proposing that lightning may have made the key building pieces of life on Earth in its initial days.For those who believe god exists. There is an immense amount of proof which states that there is no possible way that a divine being exists. This is because there are arguments that say that there is no real proof that a god exists. Therefore there is no higher being. One argument states that “There are only two kinds of proofs for God: direct understanding or indirect demonstration.” I agree with this argument because, no one has actual proof that god exists. No one has seen the higher being himself in person. People claim that they have met god in is true form but there is no evidence to backup their claims.Besides scientific proof, there are other arguments giving reasons as to why god cannot be real. If God somehow managed to exist, wouldn’t you anticipate that there will be a gigantic advantage to the individuals who take after and obey him? Why, rather, do we see the inverse? The issue is that the conventional origination of God infers that if God exists then he knows how to and can prevent all suffering. On the slight chance that such a God existed, at that point we would anticipate that he will keep all misery. Suffering though is a familiar part of our world ; it has not been prevented. Therefore, there is no such God. According to the points against atheism and for atheism mentioned above, the fact that god is not real can be justified. Since there is no scientific proof that god exists, nor is there any non scientific evidence to prove that there is in fact a divine being, this fact is justifiable. Getting this point across to those who do believe in God would not be a good idea however. I feel that if we do, there will be a possibility of there being another world war, or potentially even worse.