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Association’s Information Security Policies or refreshing a current security approach, recognizing what is in a very much created strategy is vital at any venture level. Security : All security techniques should join an inside and out portrayed security vision for the affiliation. The security vision should be clear and brief and pass on to perusers the arrangement of the approach. The following are security Strategies at an association level can be executed. Client Access to Resources – Acquiring system access and application authorizations. Material email measures of direct. Record end at client level. Security Profiles – This section to fuse information that recognizes how security profiles will be associated reliably across finished ordinary contraptions (e.g. servers, workstations, switches, switches, firewalls, mediator servers, et cetera.) Passwords – This portion should state unmistakably the essentials constrained on customers for passwords. Length, character set, # of times the mystery word can be entered going before it being crippled, # of days the watchword is helpful for, and # of phenomenal passwords required before reuse. Email – This fragment consolidates how to manage associations, through filtering, singular usage of the email system, vernacular constraints, and chronicled necessities Threatening to Virus – This zone perceives the repeat of invigorating the report definitions and furthermore how removable media, email associations and diverse records are checked. Information Security Training – Training occurs in an extensive variety of flavors. One of the sorts of getting ready required in an affiliation is Awareness Training. The game plan should chronicle what sort of care program is set up and how is it passed on constantly.In our Organization, we follow couple of items to be  secure, data preservation and backups.A VPN permits a client who is outside of a organization  system to take a reroute around the firewall and access the inside system all things considered. Through a blend of programming and safety efforts, this gives an association a chance to enable constrained access to its systems while in the meantime guaranteeing general security.???? ????????????We have regular backup and write scripts to run corn jobs automatically, rather than running jobs manually which ????????????????may lead to user error.