Assignment his images or audio could have a large

Assignment D1                                                                                             
Muhammad Patel



this report, I aim to write about the different ways Boris can change his
computer to make it easier for him to use. There are four ways Boris can change
the computer to allow his computer to run faster as well edit images and

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first way would be upgrading the RAM from 8GB to 16GB. This would speed up the
computer as well as allows Boris to do multi-task at the same time, especially
for Boris as he may be editing images and audio both at the same time. He could
also be surfing the internet or on social media while editing his images and
audios. Furthermore, it also allows Boris to open software quicker and easier.
Allowing Boris to open software and use the software quicker would be suitable
for him as he well gets the job done quicker and easier. Also, it will allow
Boris to store more files as many of his images or audio could have a large
file size which means he would need a decent amount storage on his computer.
Moreover, increasing RAM reduce latency which is when the computer buffer constantly.
More RAM would reduce buffer as well as make the computer run faster.
Additionally, increasing the RAM would also increase the speed of the starting
and shutting down process.

second way would be upgrading his CPU. I would advise Boris to upgrade his CPU
from Intel i3 to Intel i5, as there are many reasons why the Intel i5 is better
than the Intel i3. One of the reasons is that the i3 has a dual-core processor
where the i5 has a quad-core processor. Dual core is okay for Boris to use but
Quad core is better because it allows Boris to do more multitasking as well as
allows him to get the job done quicker. A dual-core processor will allow Boris
to run two task both at the same time whereas a quad-core processor allows
Boris to run 4 different application at the same time. This means that Boris
can run his video editing software, his audio editing software, the internet
and another software all at the same time. also, due to having a quad-core
processor all the software will run smoothly whereas running four different
software on a dual-core processor can slow the computer down. This is because
the processor not having enough core to run 4 different software at the same
time. One disadvantage of the i5 is the price. The price of the i5processor is a
bit more expensive than the i3 processor. For this reasons Boris should think
about the price before buying it.

third way would be changing the 1TB HDD to 1 TB SSD for many reasons. One of
the reasons why I advised Boris to change the HHD too SSD is that it has no
moving parts and makes no rattling noise whereas HDD moves around and makes
rattling or clinking noises which means that the HDD is more likely to break
than an SSD. It is better to have an SSD as Boris does not need to worry
whether his SSD would beak.

TB SSD is more than enough for Boris to store his images and video.
Furthermore, SSD tends to open files 30% faster than HDD and SSD take around
10-13 seconds to boot up the computer whereas HDD tends to bootup up the
computer between 30-40 seconds.

SSD is safe from any effect of magnetism whereas HDD is not safe, which means
that all the data from HDD can be lost or erased. Therefore, I have chosen to
upgrade the HDD to SSD due to the HDD has a bigger chance of losing all of its
storage whereas SSD has a very unlikely chance of losing storage. Also, SSD is
way better and efficient than HDD.

I would change the graphics card from NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 GPU to GeForce GTX
1050Ti for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that the GTX 1050Ti present a
better graphics than the GT 710 the GTX 1050Ti has a maximum screen resolution
of 3840×2160 whereas the GT 710 has maximum screen resolution of 2560×1440.
This shows that the GTX 1050Ti has a better screen resolution than the GT 710.
This also means that Boris will get better quality graphics and better video
and images quality. Another reason why I have chosen the GTX 1050TI is the
noise and the power. The GTX 1050Ti provide more power but make less sound
whereas the GT 710 provides less power and more sound. Boris would find the GT
710 disturbing due to the amount of noise coming out of the fan.

the GTX 1050Ti has a clock speed of 1.4 GHz whereas the GT 720 has a clock
speed of 954 MHz clock speed refers to the amount of time the computer runs per
second. this means that the 1050Ti is a lot faster than the GT 720. Boris
computer would not only be faster but easier to use. Image and audio editing
would become much easier for him and the computer would be much comfortable for
Boris to use. One disadvantage of the GTX 1050Ti is the price. The price can be
a bit over budget for Boris but would be the most suitable graphics card for

In conclusion, I have recommended Boris to makes these
changes so the computer can be easier and much improved for Boris to use.
Finally, the recommended changes will make it easier for Boris to edit images.
Podcast and social networking all at the same