As waves of feelings or emotion. In each episode,

we may know anxiety is a very well common repeating emotion in everyone’s day to
day life. There are many people who unfortunately suffer with great and
frequent occurrences of anxiety, In some of these anxiety episodes people can experience
fear out of nowhere and it can become almost crippling. It has the capability
to stop you dead in your tracks and make you ride and suffer with the pain. In
these episodes, you might experience intense uncomforting and harsh waves of
feelings or emotion. In each episode, it can feel so long and can also seem
like it’s lasting a century with no light at the end of the tunnel it might not
seem like it is ever going to stopping.

            In Duff’s book, he is speaking about
a type of anxiety named (GAD) and It stands for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This
is the most difficult type of anxiety for professionals to diagnose in an individual
because it doesn’t have the frequent occurrences of “panic attacks”. It is normally
diagnosed in individuals who spend more than six weeks worrying about an everyday
problem. Some other symptoms that individuals might have are lack of sleep or
being able to stay asleep and many more somatic issues.

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            Researchers don’t quite know where
it came from nor why it might be cased. They do think it could be part of a person’s
DNA. They do also believe that there could be a gene issue associated with GAD.

It is very common for this disorder to work with other disorders like addiction