As I have grown a substantial amount as a

As this semester
comes down to an end. This final reflection offers a great opportunity to look
back on my experience in this class. It has become pretty much evident to me
that I have grown a substantial amount as a writer and reader. I truthfully
appreciate the growth that I have gone through in this class. It is quite
difficult to put into words how much I have grown as a reader and writer;
however, I will make a bold effort to do so throughout this reflection.

At the beginning
of the semester I was very nervous because of the fact that this course is a W
course and from my knowledge W course consist of a lot of intense writing, that
I didn’t think I can do. With certain reading reflections my nervousness and I
felt in some reflections I did not truly let my personality come out in my
writing. As the semester developed I began to feel more and more as a reader
and writer as a person. This class definitely offered an excellent opportunity
to interact with me collogues and discuss intense topics in class with a
certain level of maturity that I haven’t never experienced in my time of
attending Southern.

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As I previously mentioned I got more comfortable as a writer as this semester
went on although I still have way more improvement to prove. I was slightly
unskilled with writing on a higher level especially when it came down to do
refection’s and analyzing readings. When it came down to reading reflections as
I look back I know for sure I lack connecting certain situations from my life to
the reading or even connecting two readings at once. I learned in this course
that I always need to defend my opinions. I seemed to focused more on telling
what the readings were about and how I felt instead of connecting readings
along with some personal experiences.

As a person it is somewhat important to stand for something and have views on
contentious issues. Before this class I tended to avoid social and political
conflict. I tried to remain as neural as possible on all subjects in an effort
to not to share my opinion in which I did. I felt like I had a lot of opinions
to share with certain topics but anxiety of talking to a large crowd took the
best of me. I know the topic about gender/sexuality was the easiest for me to
relate to being though I am lesbian I had many connections to relate to with
different readings such as “doing gender
and doing gender inappropriately”, “confronting anti- gay violence etc.
Also along with the TA McKenzie, I love how much of an open person she is about
her sexuality; I can definitely see her as a role model to young girls who are afraid
to come out for being themselves. She’s has a way of making you comfortable but
also informing heterosexual people that it’s okay to be who you are. I’ve never
met anyone at southern especially a TA who is open about their sexuality as
much which makes me happy see people like McKenzie love who they are. However,
after a few discussions in this class listening to everyone and their opinions
on certain situations made me really look at things thoroughly and think about
how I feel about them and this truthfully a significant quality to have.
Luckily as a result of this class I have learned to form opinions on important
issues in our society.

My experiences in this class have also helped me become a better student
overall. This class played a huge role in learning how to be a successful
college student. In my other classes that I took at Southern pretty much
majority of my professors guided us through everything and we were seemingly
never on our own to do everything. However, this class was different than any other
class I have taken. Getting a feel for having class only once a week was
something very unique that took some time for me to adjust to which I was
struggling with throughout the semester, handing in my reflection papers on
time. I have a hard time with time management when it comes with other intense
classes and work. So instead of handing in my reflections in time I took the
altamative of handing in all my reflections on a specific due date. Now as I
think back on that I notice that wasn’t the right choice to make and very irresponsible
of me. The construction of the class gave us a great deal of freedom from
writing to speaking up in discussions on how we felt about certain situations. Leaning
how to succeed in a college environment is something that will forever be
important along with unnoticed when it comes to continuing my success as a
college student. Qualities such as self-motivation and truly dedicated work
ethic are things that were enhanced as an outcome of me being part of this

I can honestly
say I’ve never been in a class that had talked about so much feminism along with
even knowing what I am feminist mean until I took this class. After hearing
about the discussions that took place in class about feminisms I was in
complete shame. Being though I am a female this is something I should have
known about more. However, feminism isn’t something that is talked about on an everyday
basis and mainly because a lot of people don’t support the feminist act. After
all the reading and discussion, I can proudly say I support a woman’s right to
embrace her femininity. I support a woman right to be her best she can be as a
mother of her children by choosing motherhood over career. I support the control
of the blatant use of woman for sexual objectification in the media. I support
tax breaks and other finical inventive for families who choose to have one
parent stay at home. I support low-cost programs example the internet that
allows stay at home mothers to learn subjects that edify and fulfil them and
keep them educated for the time that they can transition to the workforce.

I am greatly appreciative
for all of the things that I have learned in this class from race, disabilities,
race and sexual orientation. The benefits of this course are apparently abundant
in terms of academics but also in term of lif3e skills far as being open minded.
Interacting with colleagues, sharing your writing along with presenting was a
bit uncomfortable for me with this course. Now I can say that I am comfortable
putting my feelings and emotions into a class discussion and my writing. As an outcome
I will be a better writer, scholar, and a better person.

If I had to
grade myself I would give myself a B-/C+ reason being, I know I handed in my
reflections late which I can’t blame anyone but myself and take full responsibility
of my irresponsibility being though I have never purchase the book because of
my financial problem I was going throughout the semester. I had to barrow the
book form two of my colleagues in class to do my reflection which made me
behind on my reflections. I also would give myself this grade because I believe
I a great job on the midterm than what I expected, along with me and my group presentation.
However, I could have interacted more in class than I did I’m just one of those
students who sit back and listens to everyone else because I’m too shy to share
my voice of opinion. I would like to thank you professor Kate for providing a
great classroom environment, and teaching us so much during this semester. You’ve
really made me become a more open-minded person.