As growth and popularity of the internet has also

the world becomes more modern and connected, we can thank the Internet for
granting us with these amazing capabilities. Everyday, people can contact and
share information with anyone around the globe, but are there any disadvantages
to this? Although, the internet provides us with many useful utilities, their
downsides massively outweigh their benefits. From cyber bullying, to increased
social isolation, maybe it’s time we get off of these alluring screens and look
at the internet in a new perspective.

            The growth and popularity of the internet has also led to
a dangerous and powerful new form of bullying called cyber bullying. Unlike
typical bullying, cyberbullying gives the perpetrators a powerful façade behind
the screen. This tool allows them to spew hatred and violence from their
keyboards without any consequences. In fact, recent studies in 2014 have even
shown that “children who are cyber bullied are three times more likely to think
about suicide than children who aren’t bullied online” (“Cyberbullying”). Furthermore,
parents rarely every check on their child’s online presence, making the risk of
suicide by cyberbullying considerably higher. The Internet gave the world a
place to communicate and interact with anybody at any moment, but it has also
made bullying much easier. It’s about time we stop sitting on our hands, and
actually make a change.

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            Although cyberbullying is a problem in the internet,
another huge problem is the fact that the internet as made people more isolated
and less social. Others may argue that the internet allows people to connect
and get closer together, but they’re completely forgetting about their offline
existence. The point of the Internet was to connect and bring people closer
together, yet the total opposite of this has happened in the real world.
According to multiple social researchers and psychologists, “some people have
become so reliant upon social networking that they neglect various aspects of
their offline existence, such as their jobs, families, and health” (“Impact and
Implications of the Technology”). This mindless necessity for a device is almost
zombielike. Instead of advancing and exploring more about the real world,
people are becoming slaves to their devices. Is this truly the next step for
the human race?

            Privacy is also a huge concern with the growth of the