As good example and monitor the technology usage of

someone that is very fond of my smartphone, I can truly acknowledge that I
spend an extensive amount of time on the device. Over the years of owning a
smartphone, I have formed a habit of constantly pulling out my phone and
quickly checking social media or looking for any new text messages I may have
received. Data shows that I am not alone in continuously glancing at my phone. According
to the article, the “average American checks their phone 46 times a day” and
those “18 to 25 check them 74 times each day.” Spicer indicates that the
growth of technology in the society has led to smartphone addictions,
especially in younger people.  

            There is no debate that smartphones
have become a “time-consuming habit” that is extremely hard to break. Spicer
provides substantial evidence and logical appeal to show that cell phone
addiction is worsening mental health and even turning the people in our society
into “digital zombies”. Although Spicer has a reasonable argument pertaining
to the danger of smartphone addiction, he provides a solution to the issue that
has no substance. Simply turning off phones at night would not make the problem
disappear. There are many reasons why cell phones cannot be turned off at
night, one of which is the need to have a way of quick communication during
emergencies. An easier way to reduce the problem of smartphone addiction is to
start with children. According to an article by Thrive Global, children that spend
more time playing video games or looking at social media show a lower ability
to focus than children that spend less time using technology. Also, children that
overuse technology do not fully develop critical thinking skills. One reason
children grow up with a technology infused mindset is because they have grown
up watching their parents act the same way. If a child sees their parents’
excessive technology use, they will more than likely start to use the same technology
all the time. If parents were to set a good example and monitor the technology
usage of their kids, the problem of smartphone addiction may be avoided. The
only way for cell phone addiction to be diminished is to be aware of the
consequences of overusing technology. This will help people to counteract the
harmful effects of constant smartphone use and to better utilize the technology
they use every day.

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