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As a very passionate student of Physics it was my long cherished desire to pursue a doctoraldegree soon after the successful completion of M.S. degree and be a part of a research group ofa renowned institution which will eventually enable me to continue my research work in myintended research field. This letter is written in order to provide a concrete idea about all thefactors that persuaded me to apply for the “M.Sc. in Photonics” at University of Eastern Finland.From my B.Sc. level I have been holding strong fascination for Nonlinear Optical research andtried to keep myself updated about cutting edge innovation in these fields. A significant portionof my knowledge about Photonics actually comes from different courses related to “Non-linearOptics” that I have completed during my B.Sc. and M.Sc. level. I have also obtained a deepinsight in semiconductor, superconductor and nanotechnology thanks to the courses like “Solidstate Physics” and “Nanostructructure Physics and Microelectronics” at my B.Sc. and M.Sc.level. Besides, I have attended different conferences based on Photonic devices and materialswhich gave me a lot of exposures with contemporary researches in this field. Apart from these,during the final year of our undergraduate study we had to attend workshops on “LaserOperation” at Nonlinear Optics Research Lab Of our department which motivated me to studyphotonics as well as their potential effect on various non-linear materials. So, the combinationof course works and my exposure with researchers through various scientific programs actuallypropelled me to pursue a M.Sc. degree in this exciting research oriented subject.Several reasons are working behind my inclination towards the Photonics masters program.First of all, I am really amazed by the wide range of research works that have been performedby different research groups at Institute of Photonics. My research interest is in Carbonnanotube and I have found lots of interesting research is going on at Institute of Photonics thatare very much compatible with my research interest. Research on “carbon nanomaterials” and”micro and nanostructure fabrication” are really exciting. Another research project worthmentioning is “Fundamentals and Applications of Nano-Carbon Electron Emitters”, can be a realboost in developing nanocarbon based technologies. On the other hand, Institute of Photonicsis equipped with some state of the art lab facilities such as Femtosecond Laser Laboratory,Nanocarbon Laboratory. Working in this type of research facilities has always been a dream tome. Last but not least, Finish history, long heritage of science and technology and the highquality of higher education have always been a matter of fascination to me, so if awardedadmission in this program it will be a great experience for me to be a part of a multiculturalsociety.During my undergraduate study I liked to work with classical and quantum mechanical basedproblem which helped me a lot to increase my analytical ability. Besides, we also had intensivelab courses as well as well equipped lab facilities at undergraduate level that provided me anew insight in my research abilities. However, from 2015 I have been involved with Solid StatePhysics group as a theses student which has been constantly providing me a lot of exposurewith experimental works. On the other hand, as a part of my M.Sc. theses work I have spent asignificant amount of time at Bangladesh Council of Science and Industrial research (BCSIR) ,one of the best institutes for scientific research in Bangladesh. While performing my M.Sc.thesis work and during my involvement with Solid State Physics group I have learnt the state ofthe art techniques of sample preparation and experienced the operation of various equipmentssuch as X-Ray diffraction (XRD) Machine, SEM, Electrometer etc. at the Material Science andEngineering Lab of BCSIR. I am confident enough with these experiences I will be able tooperate most modern and complex equipments effectively. Moreover, I am good at operatingcomputer and also comfortable with various programming languages and simulation works.I strongly believe University of Eastern Finland can play a pivotal role in building my career as aresearcher and working with excellent teachers, researchers and students my potentiality willflourish fully. I am looking forward to joining “M.Sc. in Photonics” at University of EasternFinland for the academic year 2017-18.