As for HR and the wellbeing of our talent

the President & CEO of Freudenberg IT LP (FIT) for the Americas, I was Lucy’s
manager for 2.5 years while she worked as our Recruiting, Culture &
Training Specialist. FIT is one of the leading global companies in Information
Technology specialized on business critical applications e.g. SAP, Oracle,
Microsoft, IoT and all things IT


responsible for HR and the wellbeing of our talent and employees and I
experienced Lucy in two roles within our company. The first role was Lucy as an
intern and the second role was Lucy as a full time colleague after her internship.

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Lucy applied for an internship in HR in our
company, we pick our employees very carefully; Only the brightest are selected,
and Lucy made an extremely strong impression from the first moment we met her.

During her time as intern Lucy worked with
her colleagues in the HR department and learned about the basic HR tasks like
interview process, labor contracts, generating payroll, benefit and bonus
calculations. She also participated in interviews, onboarding of new employees
as well as layoffs and performance discussions with employees. Lucy was able to
get a great insight into the day to day task of an HR manager.

After her XX months internship I reach out to
Lucy to ask of she would like to join our company after she finished her
school. I explained to Lucy my vision about a progressive HR department and
that her task would be to build a strong company brand and to become an employer
of choice on the outside to be able to recruit more efficient and even more
important, to attract talent. In addition to create a strong employer of choice
brand on the inside of FIT to ensure a low turnover, engagement, passion and ‘feel
good factor’. Lucy accepted the position even it was some sort of risk
involved, because it was a green field task within our company and former
attempts to establish the vision failed a few times before.

During the 2.5 years of Lucy’s employment, I supported
Lucy’s work and she reported about progress, success and failures directly to

Throughout that time, Lucy demonstrated very
strong leadership and creative skills. Without any detailed target picture
besides my vision and ideas, she led the project and the teams with confidence
and learned how to leverage thorough, clear, consistent and actionable steps to
improve the recruiting process and to inspire the existing teams to make FIT a
better place.

Lucy setup a recruiting program to engage
with recruiting companies, local communities, social media e.g. Glassdoor,
Twitter, Facebook and significantly increased the value of these tools for our recruiting

In a very professional way Lucy established
internal programs to rise the employee satisfaction, communication and employee
engagement. Lucy introduced weekly food trucks, FIT radio show (‘Talk Nerdy To
Me’), a constant improvement committee, family days, holiday parties, team
events, employee videos and many more well accepted elements to make FIT a
family of great people.

I’m convinced that her great success was
because she did it with such a passion and enthusiasm so that our employees
followed her naturally, in other words they didn’t feel it was an improvement
program, they felt it was meant to be. She did it in a seamless manner, and the
team embraced her leadership immediately. Important to note is that, Lucy
implemented all programs with a sustainable methodology and today these
programs are still in place and work as designed.

Lucy is also extremely creative. She
consistently offered fresh perspectives and creative approach on how to proceed.
Lucy constantly improved her programs and in addition she became responsible for
the preselection process of potential candidates and led the interview process,
salary and benefit negotiations with our new hires.

She excelled in a challenging team
environment, she had to gain trust and convince the existing HR team members to
adapt to the new progressive way of HR.  Lucy was able to change from a
former intern to a highly consulted full time employee.

Lucy led and build an internal talent
management program which became essential for the regional and global FIT
management and provided a career path for FIT talents within FIT and within the
Freudenberg Group of companies. Lucy presented and explained FIT talents in
front of 25 CEO’s of the Freudenberg Group during an annual talent information
exchange program. This exposure to the Freudenberg Group of companies had also
an impact on her current career within the Freudenberg Group. While she had to
move to Germany to take care about Family related circumstances, our sister
companies offered her immediately positions in HR and talent development areas.
To achieve such recognition within our group, it normally takes multiple years
or an outstanding reputations and recognition. Lucy was able to get such
recognition within 12 months during her time at FIT.

Lucy’s model was so impressive that a Freudenberg
Headquarter in Detroit MI invited here to become a member of the global HR team
which comprises out of 25 HR professionals. Lucy was a highly regarded member
of the HR team and constantly searched and consulted to support similar
programs within the Freudenberg Group of companies.


If it wasn’t for Lucy’s strong leadership –
determination, charisma, dedication, framing and interpersonal skills, I don’t
think we would have been able to deliver the vision of the progressive HR

Lucy has outstanding ability to create
trustful relationships and maintain comfortable working environment. That was
proven critical during all her time employed at FIT.

Lucy put company work before her personal needs,
she work on weekends and holidays to ensure a successful outcome of her
efforts. Her ability to handle multiple programs at the same time, to stay
focused and to prioritize were important ingredients to her success. After a
few months, Lucy managed a team of 4 colleagues within FIT. Within her own
team, she inspired trust and confidence among the members, and promoted a
collaborative working environment. Her team knew she was always willing to help
at any given time, no matter how much effort it would require from her side.

I have never seen a person taking
constructive feedback that seriously, and working so hard to self-improve. Lucy
is a very good listener and asks very good questions that would help her
understand. During many discussions, I think she realized that she needs to
balance her passion to learn and experience, with her ability to execute

Lucy shared the some insight for her the

I’m confident she will develop as a leader
and eventually become a successful CEO of a large organization.