As consumption of approximately 117 million barrels of oil

As the rise of globals warming starts to become more and more of a greater concern, countries should make a more conscientious effort to combat this world issue. The Green Zone stated, “People need to recognize that severe and serious reductions must take place in that one sector – the military – that is responsible for bringing the world to the brink of extinction faster than any other.” (Lorincz 20) In fact, the U.S Department of Defense is the largest industrial consumer of oil in the world with a consumption of approximately 117 million barrels of oil per year at a cost of $17.3 billion in 2012 according to Congressional report. (Lorincz 20) Furthermore, the amount of CO2 emissions associated with the amount of oil consumption is approximately 49 metric tonnes. (Lorincz 20) To put this into perspective, that is roughly equivalent to annual greenhouse gas emissions from 10 million passenger vehicles or 4 million homes. (Lorincz 20) The International Energy Agency estimates that approximately that $1 trillion US is needed year for the next forty years which is roughly equivalent to annual military expenditures of the world military spending combined, in order to halve greenhouse gases and stabilize the climate. (Lorincz 26) The fact that this amount of money will only stabilize half of the greenhouse gases really goes to show how bad of a situation the earth is in. The problem is that, the US knows that this is a problem however, they disregard it by continuing to erode the environment by pumping more money into military expenditures with several reductions in the environmental protection spendings (Figure ___). In fact, the US as well as many other countries pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol which hoped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming. The 2011 Budgets Compared, by the Institute for Policy Studies shows that the U.S. government spent $77 billion on military research and development but only $8 billion on climate research and development. (Lorincz 37) The International Energy Agency says that funding for climate research and development needs to increase two to five folds for more research into new innovative renewable energy technology and more energy efficient appliances. (Lorincz 8) In terms of the other more developed, the United Nations Environment Programme recommends that 2% of the GDP should be invested annually until 2050 to finance the green economy. (Lorincz 27) The US expenditure are very counterproductive as global warming is on the rise however, the US military expenditures is being more heavily invested in rather than environmental funding. All in all, the world can make a substantial change in the current climate change condition by demilitarizing the economy and reallocate resources to reduce the effects of climate change as well invest in research for alternative renewable energy sources.