As a disease that conquers the ability to feel

As an definition,
depression is a medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way
you think and how you act. In my opinion depression is synonym of sadness.
Every sense of yours is driven by sadness. Every action you take it will
have  ” a negative consequence”. A
depressed person feels locked inside his bubble and thinks that will stay
forever in the ” grey zone”. He feels like nobody understands him and everybody
has bad intentions related to him.

Depression it is called ”
The Modern Society Disease” and most of people that surround us are in the
early stages of depression or already depressed. I personally found this topic
very interesting to write about because it is something very common in our
society and I think that not everybody pays enough attention to it.

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In this research  paper I am going to explain what is
depression and the main symptoms of it. Also, I am going to present the main
causes of it and which people are most affected by it. I will present what are
the most affected countries and explain the role of ” Modern Times” in
depression. On the other hand we will discuss about how can depression be cured
and how can we prevent it.

It is important that
everyone should understand depression in its early stages and have the proper
information about it so we can help each other. It is also important to be
mentioned that is the main cause of suicide.







regarding psychologist ,is not only a state of being sad, it is a disease that
conquers the ability to feel emotion, whether good or bad, whatsoever.
Depression not only involves the mind, it also involves the body and thoughts.
It causes lost of interest in everyday’s life , work ,school or family. It can
lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a
person’s ability to function. Depression makes a person feel hopeless, unhappy,
worthless like is no solution for any problem. Depressed people feel alone and
they think that nobody understands them. It is very difficult, almost
impossible for a depressed person to realise his mental illness. That’s why is
important that everyone of us to learn and understand more about this mental
illness, to help a depressed person or even to prevent it on its early stages .
It is very important to help a depressed person because depression is one of
main causes of suicide .

Sometimes most of us feel
sad, lonely, or depressed . It’s a normal reaction to loss, life’s struggles,
or injured self-esteem. But when these feelings become overwhelming, cause
physical symptoms, and last for long periods of time, they can keep you from
leading a normal, active life. That’s why is important to learn and understand
the main symptoms of depression. Most highlighted symptoms include trouble
concentrating , fatigue ( feeling tired most of the time), feelings of guilt (
in most of the action you take), pessimism , insomnia or sleeping too much
(more than ten hours per day).

A depressed person feels
also irritated most of the time with other people or with the environment that
surrounds him. Loss of interest in things once pleasurable ( different
activities , including sex). This mental illness also causes overeating or
appetite loss and digestive problems that don’t get better even with treatment.
Most of the depressed person have a drastic weight lost that can be easily
noticed by his friends or family. This weight loss can also cause anorexia that
it is very bad for the physical health and can bring other damages to the body.

Some other symptoms
include aches, body pains , headaches ( that is the most common symptom of
depression ),persistent sadness, anxiety or empty feelings ( thoughts of
staying forever in the grey zone ). One of the most important thing depressed
people feel is suicidal thoughts or attempts . It important to be mentioned for
this part , that these symptoms are general because they are influenced by the
environment people are surrounded .

But what the main causes
of this serious mental illness? First of all, abuse is one of the main causes
of depression. This includes sexual abuse or emotional that can depression
later on life (children are the most affected by abuse). Also , there are some
medication that cause depression. After my research on this matter , I
discovered that there are some drugs for high blood pressure curing drugs such
as Beta-blockers or Reserpine that can increase your risk of depression. In the
social point of view, certain conflicts may result to depression such conflicts
with friends, family, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend. Also , death or a
loss of a loved one (mostly family members) that can naturally can increase the
risk of depression.

From a scientifical point
of view, genetics are one of the main reasons of depression. A family history
may  increase the risk of  depression in a person. But the exact way
this happens it is not known. It is proved that even major good events such as
starting a new job, graduating , marriage, pregnancy can lead to depression.
This cause of major good events was quite new for me personally and quite
impressive because it didn’t seem logical to me that good events can have  negative consequences.

One of the causes of
depression that was familiar to my knowledges for depression was substance
abuse such drugs (Lariam or Chantix syntetic drugs used for malaria treatment
or quitting smoking) or unprescripted drugs such Xanax or Morphine.

Most affected countries
by this serious mental illness are the developed ones such as EU countries, USA
, Australia , Japan , China and Russia. In my personal opinion based on the
search I did for depression , one of the main factors that this countries have
a high level of depressed people is economical problems. Economy is one of the
main reasons that can lead to depression. Social problems that this countries
have , are one the main reasons of depression. Social isolation from family or
friends that it is not  caused purposely
by family or friends but by the victim itself. Social networks are becoming
problematic related to depression in these developed countries . In USA ,
twenty seven  percent of the population
are suffering from depression. Also it is important to be mentioned that women
are more likely to suffer from depression rather than men. And most affected
age group is forty to fifty-nine.

Depression can be treated.
Regular exercise can help treating exercising , running , jogging , yoga and
meditation. Social support is one most effective ways to treat depression.
social networks reduce isolation, a key risk factor for depression. Keeping in
regular contact with friends and family, or consider joining a class or group.
Also , sleep it is very important . Scheduled sleeping can help reduce stress,
avoid insomnia and body aches . Sleeping can be a major factor for treating
depression. Eating well and nutrition balance can help healing. Eating a
healthy diet can minimize mood swings and improve your mental health. Stress
reduction is another step forward to treating depression. Too much stress can
affect negatively in depression ,contrary staying away to stressful vibes can
help healing it. Most important are family and friends that can help you
firstly and prevent the most negatively consequence of depression , suicide
(affected by depression). There are several phone lines that can help a
depressed person if he/she have suicidal thoughts. But I think that talking to
a professional psychologist is the main solution for this matter.

In conclusion, depression
is a serious mental illness that affects mind and body. Depression not only
involves the mind, it also involves the body and thoughts. It causes lost of
interest in everyday’s life , work ,school or family. It can lead to a variety
of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s ability to
function. Depression makes a person feel hopeless, unhappy, worthless like is
no solution for any problem. It is important that all of us to understand
depression that affects most of the people in our society. Learning symptoms of
this mental illness can help everyone of us because depression is treatable
through exercising , healthy diet, social network and sleep.











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