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Artificial Psychology is a theoretical discipline which was first proposed by Dan Curtis in 1963. Curtis proposed that in order for Artificial intelligence to reach full complexity (the complexity of the human brain), then it must meet three requirements:1)      The machine must be fully autonomous. This means that the machine can make decisions purely on its own accord, without human help. The machine must also be able to make decisions based on information, despite it being incomplete or not. These decisions are based on the values and beliefs that the machine has thought of themselves.2)      That the machine is able to find errors or weaknesses in their system and then change it for the better, essentially meaning that the machine is competent in evolving and self-improvement.3)      The last requirement is that conditions 1 and 2 are met in situations that were not part of the original programming, so that the machines did it completely by themselves, and without any human manipulation.It is argued among psychologists that once AI are competent in being able to self-improve, then they will not stop and eventually surpass human intelligence. The reason as to why some people think that the machines will not be able to surpass humans is that once they meet Curtis’ criteria and meet full complexity of human intelligence, then the machines will find less errors in their coding, meaning that they cannot advance. In addition to this, another thing that may stop the machines from surpassing humans is modern technology. Since developing technology to a point where it becomes significant takes a long time, the machines cannot advance any more with the lack of developments.However, some psychologists say that AI will surpass humans’ intelligence. This is because for humans, evolution takes thousands of years. This means that humans take a long time to advance further. AI on the other hand does not need to wait thousands of years to develop. Instead, all that needs to happen for AI to improve is for a potential improvement to be seen in their code, and then for it to be changed. This means that AI will catch up fast and then go past humans.