Arok both novels were written during the postcolonial nation-building

Arok of Java and Half
of Man is Woman, both novels were written during the postcolonial
nation-building period. Both the novels based on a small fictional mixture. From
my opinion, both of the novels impress me. Arok of Java was an Indonesian based
novel. This novel is a Historical fiction genre. The most interesting part was
the way the author describes the Hindu culture. From this novel, I learned that
Hinduism culture is also been a part of Indonesia. I learned some of the things
I read in Mahabharata. For an example, Dedes remembered a story she had heard
about the marriage between of the Brahmin caste and a man from the Kshatriya
caste, where she understood a lesson for her not to accept a proposal of
marriage from a Kshatriya. The Kshatriyas are the leaders of a country’s army. Brahmins
are the upper castes. Kshatriyas do some things that the Brahmins cannot do. The
pivotal remained until even now, the castes of the Brahmin in intellectual, the
Kshatriyas military. For an example,  Arok, one of the great characters in
Indonesian historic legend. His rebellion against the King of   Kediri
and defeated. Moreover, Arok is one of the most favorite characters of mine
because he is very intelligent, unique and angry and also consults his problem
with everyone. For example, Dedes stepped down from her coach, a strong breeze
blew open her under the skirt. Ken Arok, saw the thighs of Dedes where it
produced a sparkling light.  Mpu Parwa explained
that the light was an omen that would descend kingdom of Java. After that, Ken Arok
took Tumapel  and  married Ken Dedes. This shown his braveness. In
Half of Man is Woman, it totally contrasts compare with Arok of Java. This is a
Chinese based novel. First of all, a great appreciation for the author of the
novel, because he writes his own experience, without any hesitation.I think
from my perspective after reading this book, it explains the human condition ,
in the Chinese setting or system. This book openly talks about the idea of
sexuality. The author wrote the expression and the feelings of a man .For an
example, the main character Zhang, hears a splashing noise, where a woman
completely naked, Bathing. Zhang doesn’t know what to do. The first  naked girl before his eyes. He ran away. Moreover,
Zhang didn’t see her for eight years where she transferred to another labor
camp. In past eight years, Zhang never stopped imagine of her and keeps on
recollect her voice tone. This scene proves how a man is very impressed with
how he expresses his feelings. I personally love history subject and this novel
,they clearly talked about the political events during the Spanish Revolution. For
example, from the beginning of the novel, they clearly talk about the ideology
of freedom fighting which was under attack the Anti-Rightist Campaign. This is
the first plot where Zhang condemned and sent to the first labor camps. This
novel is a semi-autobiographical of the character so the scenes about the
natural world, the landscape, and the beauty were described well. For an
example, the scene where he planted the rice and the mosquitoes surrounded
attacking in delegations, whining, and bitting. Rubbing his feet and waving his
hands, in sort of shuffling dance before him. Furthermore, in
both novels women are the first part of the show. The story moves only by the
lady’s character. For example, in Arok of Java, the story starts with Dede’s
perspective story where she was laid out on the bed who carried by Tunggal
Ametung. In Half of Man is Woman, the plot begins where Zhang met the naked
woman bathing. These are the most common things I liked about these novels. Compare
with Indian and Filipino novels it is quite disappointing in terms of narration
and the story. Only some scenarios can only help to read the story thoroughly.