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Angel CrumpDr. Laurie WoodsTheories of Deviance15 January, 2018Deviant Behavior During the Civil Rights Movement The aim of the Civil Rights Movement was to put an end to the segregation of the colored and white race and to stop discrimination of one another. It was made up of nonviolent boycotts, demonstrations, and marches protesting segregation throughout the south. The people of the south hoped to gain equal opportunity in employment, education, housing, the right to vote, and equal access to facilities such as restrooms.  Social norms are hidden rules of society that when not followed, may carry social penalties. There are many examples of mainstream social norms that led to the civil rights movement that are seen as deviant behavior today. Before the civil rights movement colored and whites were to never be seen together. Both races had separate bathrooms, attended different schools, sat in different spots on the bus. Signs were used to show non-whites where they legally walk, talk, drink, rest, or eat. Restaurants, pool halls, doctors’ offices, and even parks accommodated one or the other but never both, at least in the same area. Colored people were usually given the less pleasant of resources such as water fountains and bathrooms. Whites were given more privileges such as better medical care, better housing, better education, more job opportunities, and the right to vote.  In the midst of all of the protest one certain behavior that played a big role in the civil rights movement and was considered deviant at that time in history was Rosa Parks. On a city bus in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused the bus drivers order to give up her seat in the “colored section” of the bus to a white man after his section was full. After this happened, African Americans organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott, where they refused to ride the bus until segregation ended on the buses. Peaceful sit-ins were constructed in places like Nashville, where people of both color and white went into restaurants where they were denied service and just sat their doing work. The Freedom Riders rode interstate buses into the south to peacefully protest against segregation on buses. These actions were considered deviant at the time because the colored and whites stood up together, rode buses, marched, and sat in restaurants together, all of which were looked down upon and/or illegal.  The Jim Crow Laws and how segregation was put forth years ago is now known as deviant behavior to us. It is part of our social norms now to be acceptable of other races, to be in the same place, and to communicate and work together. Martin Luther Kings non-violent approach to end segregation led to many changes. As a result, people of color and those who are white are now allowed to be together. Colored people are treated with more respect than ever before. It is now common to see an interracial couple, a president of color, a successful colored woman like Oprah known and worth millions. All races use the same restrooms, water fountains, are in the same schools, libraries, and restaurants, etc. Everyone is treated as equal, and one race is inferior to another. However, some issues still remain even thought the spine of it all was resolved. Issues like poverty, unemployment, and racial differences still exist. In this time, people are easily labeled as a “racist” with one wrong word, stereotypes have evolved about colored people. Incarceration rates and poverty rates of colored are still much higher than whites. So even though we are no longer physically divided by race and ethnicity, we are still different in certain aspects and not quite held on the same scale.