“An pace, wobbly at first until something came over

“An insane resolve possessed me. I would die and end it. And I would save myself even the trouble of killing myself. I marched on recklessly towards this Titan…” I went slowly at first, fear still present despite my decision to slay the martian if it was even possible. I crept towards it, the evening light reflecting off its shiny surface. It was eerily quiet, almost peaceful as I felt a light breeze brush my skin. Despite the severity of the situation, I stopped, and slowly turned my head to look around at the desolate city and the sun going down in the west. The sight was horrible, yet it interested me, Never before had I thought that I would be in this strange situation but here I am, and I realized that I’m alone. It’s strange really, someone on the other side of the world may be having dinner or closing up shop. I suddenly felt oddly normal in such a bizarre situation, realizing I’m just another normal man on a normal day, well, as normal as you can get when there’s a Martian less than 40 yards away from you. I was pulled out of my false sense of security, slightly alarmed. Yes, this martian was silent now, but who knows when he’ll move? I can’t forget it’s still alive though it seems so inanimately surreal, like a hunk of machinery that’s been shut down. Oh God knows what I’ll do if he starts moving! A shiver ran through me as the adrenaline kicked in, a rush of energy that felt slightly out of place amidst the silence. I quickened my pace, wobbly at first until something came over me, and I broke into a sprint. I run and jump over the piles of wreckage, down the street and around the corner. In the distance I see the sun dipping below the horizon, my breath coming out in short bursts. I’m not sure how long I can last. I lose sight of him behind a building as I draw close, I finally realized what I was actually doing, but felt no fear, only excitement. I’ll kill that martian with my bare hands, and once the rest get a hold of me, well, then it’d save me the burden of taking my own life. I run up the hill and pause. No signs of movement still, I take this chance and jump. straight onto the Martian, I grip the hard metal and position myself on top of its head. I’m ready to strike, to tear and kick and hack away at what’s inside, but I can’t.I freeze, almost falling off, dizzy from what I see. Dark, dense liquid is seeping out of the Martian, its lifeless body motionless inside the fighting machine. The smell of rotting organisms hit me, and I realize that the Martian was dead. I look around, and the rest aren’t much different. Of course! They were “slain by the putrefactive and disease bacteria against which their systems were unprepared; slain as the red weed was being slain; slain, after all, man’s devices had failed, by the humblest things that God, in his wisdom, has put upon this earth.” When all hope seemed gone, nature was the one to come in and take them silently. It’s almost ironic.I was shocked and disoriented. I should have been ecstatic, overjoyed, but I was none of those things. I was exhausted. I sat there on the martian and regained my bearings. I collect my thoughts and ponder for a time. Even after all hope was gone, the Martians that caused this time of woe are dead. An hour or so goes by, and the fatigue has worn off. I begin to get excited and giddy thinking of London thriving again, clearing away this rubble and learning from this horrible experience. I see a changed world. After a time, I look around, and figure I should get down. I teeter on the edge of the fighting machine and jump not so gracefully back onto the top of a building, a nearby tree breaking my fall when something pierced through the night. “Ulla Ulla Ulla-” there, to my left and behind me. Anxiety wracked my body again. No, of course, it was too good to be true. I turn around slowly for fear of what I would see. In the distance, faintly outlined against the dark sky