An lives, and has violated human rights. What is

An immigrant comes to another country because they have
dreams they want to accomplish. Traffickers promise immigrants they would
arrive safely at their destination. Traffickers also mention they would take
care of everything. All the paperwork issue and immigrants would not have to
worry about anything. But foreigners do not realize they are getting in hands
of traffickers. Later immigrants would become forced labor. Traffickers are not
actually going to help people through their journey. If not, traffickers would
destroy the people’s lives. When Immigrants realized they are going to be
slaves, they believe they would never get their freedom back. The people who
are affected by this issue are desperate immigrants looking for a better future.
Not realizing they might be taking a big risk. Later it would become a
consequence. Most people come to America for an education, but instead, they
are brought for slaves. Many victims come from backgrounds of low-income.
Undocumented immigrants are the most vulnerable victims in a human trade
industry. Human trafficking is developing around the world. Women, men and
children have been stolen, and trafficked to be forced labor. Human trafficking
is an important issue that must be addressed. People should be aware that it
has expanded over the years, affected people’s lives, and has violated human

What is Human Trafficking?

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people do not know the actual meaning of human trafficking. Being forced labor
involves the use of abuse violence, lied and threats. According to Becerra (2017)
all over the world, “Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons or
modern-day slavery, is a crime that involves compelling or coercing a person to
provide labor or services, or… commercial sex acts” (Becerra, 2017). Human
trafficking has existed for thousands of years. People do not really talk about
this issue that happens frequently. It’s happening in public surroundings, and
people living in the community would not even notice. The places that people
least expect, could have victims held by traffickers. The majority of slaves
are hiding in almost plain sight. Immigrants are trafficked all around the
world. The immigrant’s victims come from a variety of backgrounds in regard to color,
race and social class. (Becerra, 2017). Victims often can be hidden from their
own family members. According to the United Nation,s Office on Drugs and Crime (2014)
claims, “The crime of trafficking in persons affects virtually every country in
every region of the world” (UNODC, 2014).  Even though they are laws for
tracking an illegal slave, the numbers of victims are still increasing globally.  Many lives of the innocent people have been
taking away. According to United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime States (2014)

Trafficking for forced labour sic-
a broad category which includes, for example, manufacturing, cleaning,
construction, catering, restaurants, domestic work and textile production – has
increased steadily in recent years. Some 40 percent of the victims detected
between 2010 and 2012 were trafficked for forced labour Sic. (UNODC, 2014).

Being in slave labor, immigrants
definitely have lost their identity. The traffickers control the migrant’s
movements. Immigrants are trapped in forced labor. Victims are being forced to
wake up early, and sleep late in every single day. Even though immigrants work
excessively, slaves do not get paid the correct money they earn. Most of the
traffickers do not pay their victims. Traffickers manipulated their victims to
do the work in order for them even get something to eat. Traffickers threaten
victims with their lives if they tried to run away from them. Human trafficking
is one of the evil things that exist globally. One of the most outstanding
speeches was when Barack Obama was President. He spoke about the injustice of
human trafficking.

It ought to concern every person,
because it is a debasement of our common humanity.  It ought to concern
every community, because it tears at our social fabric.  It ought to
concern every business, because it distorts markets.  It ought to concern
every nation, because it endangers public health and fuels violence and
organized crime.  I’m talking about the injustice, the outrage, of human
trafficking, which must be called by its true name — modern slavery.
 (Obama, 2012)

Given this speech, Obama Indicates
to fight against human trafficking. To continue supporting victims of forced
labor. Former President of the United States Barack Obama is standing up to
stop human trafficking. 

Human Trafficking Expanding Globally

the years slave labor has increased tragically throughout the world. The
numbers of people who have been trapped in slave labor have not stopped
developing. According to The Editorial Board (2014) explains how, “The United
Nations estimates that 21 million people are trapped in forced labor, while the
Walk Free Foundation puts the number… around the world used, bought, sold or
transferred for exploitation at nearly 36 million” (The Editorial Board, 2014).
The United States has an enormous number of immigrants being a slave. Keep in
my mind that’s just an estimate in the United States. However, “Just five
countries account for 61 percent of the world’s slaves” (The Editorial Board,
2014). The pollution of slaved immigrants has grown rapidly. This includes
China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, India, and Russia. India is the one country that
has more than 14 million people being enslaved (The
Editorial Board, 2014). Human trafficking is one of the largest crimes
happening. According to the Human Trafficking: According to Forster (2013)
states, “In terms of forced laborers, the majority are located in the Asia
& Pacific region with Industrialized Countries and Latin America &
Caribbean taking second and third places respectively” (Forster, 2013). The
numbers of human Trafficking are not decreasing in the countries causing a big
effect on the world. Therefore, gang traffickers are getting bigger each time.
The main reason for this act is money.

Business are Developing Around the World

trafficking business is spreading globally. The human trafficking business is
created to exchange people over money. According to Shelley (2010), “Organized
crime, like all businesses, is focused on making a profit, ensuring supply, and
meeting demand” (Shelley,2010 pg. 112). Since, business is seeing how much they
are earning out of people, they are continuing to do slave labor. Traffickers
first find their victims they are going to traffic. After, finding their
victims they place a price on each human. More than 150 dollars
have been earned yearly from illegal human trafficking (The Editorial Board, 2014).
Traffickers take advantages of immigrants who are desperately looking for a
workplace. According
to Mccrae and Mcdonald (2014), “They coerce, deceive, manipulate, or force
victims into engaging… labour sic for their personal profit” (Mccrae, and
Mcdonald, 2014). The only thing that traffickers care about, is receiving the
profit for each victim. In the business industry, there are two people who have
involved the seller and the buyer. As well, includes the sale, and the purchase
of a human. Buyers are buying people as buying food from the groceries. Even
though it is an illegal to trade people, in the traffic industry it seems it is
easy to buy a human.

Destroyed Victims lives

lives have been destroyed emotionally and physically.  Slaves have no
freedom, and they are trapped. When slaves are being forced into labor, they
have a lot of things running their mind. Victims are thinking of a way to
escape, and survive. Most of the slaves have suicidal thoughts or feeling of worthlessness.
Also, most immigrants feel guilty for being slaves.  Victims feel they
have been lain to from all the promises the traffickers would tell them. The
greatest number of victims are trusting family friends not realizing they are
the ones who would make them suffer. Victims who have survived have their freedom
back. In other cases, there have been people who don’t survive, they cannot
take the abuse.

Victim Story

an interview report from U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, they talked
about a victim who was involved in forced labor. She was an East African young
woman named Alice from Kenya. Alice was glad when she found out the news she
was coming to America. The traffickers who were bringing Alice to America told
her they would take care of everything, and she did not have to worry about
anything. The traffickers took Alice with them at that moment a lot of things
went through her mind. Alice mentions, “When I was with them I never thought I
will leave them and will have my freedom again, for a very long time” (Alice,
2012). Alice worked as a servant to a family without having any days off. Had
to stay up late, and wake up early every single day. The owners of Alice were
putting thoughts in her mind to scare her. If Alice ever thought of asking for
help or tried to escape that would have a consequence. The owners told Alice
that the police would not help her escape. The police would arrest her, and
take her back to her country. When the FBI got involved, they ask her if she
wanted to come with them, she told them yes. After that Alice says, “That’s
when I felt… a little bit relieved knowing that I’m going to leave that family”
(Alice, 2012). Alice was happy knowing she left that horrible place. When Alice
was telling her story, her voice would crack and her eyes would water. The
victims that survive from forced labor find it hard for them to talk about
their experience. Victims still feel threatened thinking traffickers would
still hurt them.

immigrants are being forced labor, the victims start to have trauma. Slaves do
not feel safe in the environment they are working. They have insecurities with
their surroundings feeling threatened. In most of the cases, traffickers abuse
their victims. The majority of the domestic abuses happen while working. Shelley
continues to say, “Trafficking victims may resemble victims of state abuse, as
they are subject to torture or other extreme forms of intimidation and are
deprived of freedom of movement” (Shelley, 2010 pg. 67). Slaves are frightened
to come forward. They think if they tried to escape, and if it fails they
believe traffickers would hurt them Slaves later, in the process of being
forced labor they become antisocial.  Victims tried not to interact with
people. For that reason, immigrants are not able to ask help from the

Health Risk

slaves could be in danger of having health problems. Immigrants’ lives could be
in danger of dying if they have a health issue. One of the reasons why this
occurs is because of the environment of the workplace. Another reason would be
not sleeping enough hours or not having the proper food. Not eating properly
would cause the victims to feel weak. If a slave is not having proper care, it
would be hard for them to survive. Victims do not receive the adequate health
services needed. Human Traffickers do not want to send their victims to obtain
help. For the reason, that they do not want the victim to have any contact with
any kind of authorities.

Violation of Human Rights

Human rights involve every human
having equal privileges regarding their race. It does not matter where they
came from or if they have money. According to Perscrinski (2015), it states, “A
human rights…means putting victims at the centre sic of anti-trafficking
policies by prioritizing the protection of their rights” (Pescrinski, 2015).
People should be aware that every human has human rights. According to the United
Nations (2015), they explain, “Human rights law has prohibited discrimination…
it has demanded equal or at least certain key rights for non-citizens… forced
labour sic, debt bondage, forced marriage…and the right to leave and return
to one’s own country” (United Nations, 2014). Victims
have the right to protection if they were forced labor. Human rights do not
allow any base of discrimination base on legal status or race. Many of the
human trafficking victims believe their basic human rights are taken away from
them, their freedom of speech. They are basically trapped without away to

How Victims of Forced Labor Gain Production?

There are advocates around the world
that can help a victim if they are being forced labor. In some countries, for
example in the United States, if you were involved in forced labor, you could
obtain a visa called T Nonimmigrants status. According to U.S Citizenship and
Immigration Services (2011) mentions, “The T Nonimmigrant Status. is a set
aside for… victims of human trafficking, protects victims of human trafficking
and allows victims to remain in the United States to assist in an investigation
or prosecution of human trafficking” (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services,
2011). Immigrants who were slave labor should apply for a visa. But, they must show
proof they were trafficked in the United States. Victims should not work
against their will. Immigrants are not aware of their human rights because they
think it would only include citizen who is from that country. If a victim is
undocumented, the law enforcement authorities are not allowed to deport the

people may say that if the people did not try to go to another country, tragic human
trafficking would never happen. However, the people are running away or want a
better future. Immigrants do not have the blame for being forced labor. Traffickers
used labor exploitation to keep their victims secure so they would not speak. According
Mccrae and Mcdonald, (2014)
“Traffickers know how to twist vulnerabilities to their own advantage and often
lure their victims with hopes and dreams for a better future” (Mccrae and
Mcdonald, 2014). Immigrants have dreams they want to be achieved. Traffickers
should be aware of the damages they are causing to an immigrant.

How to Solve Human Trafficking 

trafficking still exists, even though is illegal there is no reduction in the
number of human trafficking. On the side note, there must be more clarity as to
how the money is spent, fighting human trafficking. (The Editorial Board,
2014). Human tracking is a crime that
should be removed globally. The government is already involved in helping
victims of human trafficking. As well, law enforcement gets involved in
rescuing the victims. Human tracking is an issue that is hard to investigate.
Immigrants should be aware everyone has protections if they are involved in
forced labor. Countries should help victims involved in forced labor. Countries
should fight human trafficking, so every person could have their freedom back. According
to Kelley (2017) “The State Department just released its human trafficking
report. Here’s why it matters” explains how “Sometimes the scorecards are based on questionable data,
or questionable ways of organizing the data” (Kelly, 2017). The person in charge
of gathering the data is not calculating the numbers properly. In order to
combat human trafficking, there should be actions taken. Each country should
actually take the time to have the correct estimate of people being forced into
labor. The government should do reached to conclude the actual number of those
who are forced labor in their country. In order to have the accurate number, immigrants
should come forward. Immigrants should feel free to speak. Human Trafficking should
be something talk about, and not kept in the dark.