American since 2011- 2015, developing countries increased total goods

American develop countries such
as united states, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina consume more crude oils because
of their highly production need to massive fuels. But in recently their
unloaded quantity become relatively low. The main reason is most of developed countries
adapt for alternative conventional fuels instead of crude oil. Developing
countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia have not much loaded or else unloaded
crude oil trading compare with other developed countries in America.  Some Developing America countries (like
Bolivia and Peru) remains major crude oil depositions.Net exports of refined
petroleum products such as kerosene, gasoline, petrol and higher refinery
throughput increases production have been affected by increasing levels of
domestic crude oil production in American countries.

Coal, Ore, Grain, Alumina,
Phosphate, timber, steel can be mentioned as major dry cargos. USA, Canada,
Latin America are loaded high volume of dry cargoes throughout the world
seaborne trade. In last decade coal industry increased well in north America
and also south American countries. According to that they abled to gain the
coal loaded power for other countries for long time. 2008, 2009 (-13.3% export,
-13.6% import) and 2012 were the worst years of the world seaborne trade. That
highly influenced to the American seaborne industry also. Especially dry cargo
and total good export has been relatively fallen down both developed and
developing American countries. Developing countries in America decreased
approximately 32% of total goods loaded since 2005 to 2015. But all over period
since 2011- 2015, developing countries increased total goods unloaded but they
could able to reduce the import rate.

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In Asia, it is difficult mentioned the developed and
developing countries instantly because the development classified as region
basis. Tokyo, Japan. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai (India), Seoul (South Korea)
Taipei, Jakarta can be mentioned as developed countries. Sri Lanka, Pakistan,
Afghanistan, major parts in china, Indonesia are remained as developing

West Asia remains the largest crude oil loading area in the
world remains in west Asia. Asian developing country could be export roughly
certain amount of crude oil in every year. However developed Asia countries
don’t have the approachable resources to loaded crude oil. Developing Asia is
the area which importing heaviest quantity of crude oil. Japan also is heaviest
crude oil loaded country. Largest capacity growth of refined petroleum products
continues to take place in the Asia Pacific Region and Western Asia.

Asian countries having the largest share of the total
tonnage of seaborne world exports which mainly related to total good and dry
cargoes. Exports of crude oil from Western Asia and manufactured goods from
China and other countries of East and South-East Asia contributed to this
result. Asian developing countries´ share of total goods loaded increased
gradually.  The Asian countries share of
goods unloaded decreased 2006-2009 and again gradually it has increased.  In developed Asian countries have showed a
less amount of seaborne tonnage. The reason is in Asia there has no more
developed countries compare with its developing countries. World 2009 economic
crisis effected to maritime transport of in Asian countries also. Last 3 years
Asian countries developed their trade agreement and thereby they success to
increase exporting continuously.