Agatha healed. Although these traits were all the qualities

Agatha was a devout Christian. She is depicted as young, wealthy, and beautiful, as she had been brought up in a noble and well-off family. Quinctianus, the local magistrate, planned to benefit from Agatha’s saintliness by attempting to blackmail Agatha into intercourse with him instead of charging her for her Christianity when proclamations were set against Christians by Roman Emperor, Decius. Agatha was then forced into a brothel, where she rejected all service. Agatha was battered, imprisoned, and subjected to torture after refusing to comply with Quinctianus’s demands. Her chest was mutilated, and her breasts were severed. After that, she was locked up again, where she saw the spirit of St Peter who healed and consoled her. In yet another attempt to put her through excruciating pain, she endured the cruel torment of being rolled over live coals and broken tiles while bare and naked. When half-dead Agatha was forced along the searing and abrasive ground, an earthquake that shook the earth made a ruin of the scene. Agatha was then put back in prison, where she could tell that she was coming to an end, so she uttered a final prayer, pleading her safe transition from her current life to the eternal joy that is heaven, and soon after, perished.Agatha’s most admirable qualities were her loyalty and trust in her God, where she would never fear for her fate as long as she remained faithful to her Lord. Another desirable trait that St Agatha possessed was her unshakeable modesty. Even when she was greeted by the spirit of St Peter, she remained tentative about exposing herself to him in order to be healed. Although these traits were all the qualities that got her such a cruel fate, no one can help but admire them, and such qualities got her help at times she needed it most. St Agatha has had many miracles attributed to her. One of these is the eruption of Mount Etna, the Volcano that looms over Catania, that occurred on the anniversary of her death. The inhabitants of Catania sprung into action, retrieving St Agatha’s veil and holding it out before the steaming lava. The molten rock stopped in its tracks immediately after the veil was presented. The miraculous occurrence of the restoration of her breasts and the healing of all of her wounds in a single night could be considered another miracle that is associated with her. The earthquake that halted the torture that St Agatha was to be subjected to could be credited to her in how it spared of any more burning pain, and also how, reportedly, two of Quinctianus’ dearest and closest friends were crushed in the falling debris. This was clearly a punishment exacted upon Quinctianus by means of a miracle, causing him to flee the city. St Agatha is the patron Saint of bell-founders, wet-nurses, Nurses, jewelers, martyrs, rape victims, single laywomen, torture victims, breast cancer, breast disease, sterility, Palermo, Catania, Zamarramala, Italy, Spain, earthquakes, eruptions of Mount Etna, volcanic eruptions, fire, fire prevention, and natural disasters.