After of paying someone for clothes, the people would

After reading Maasai, the
people of Maasai are in a Pastoral society. Pastoral societies rely on the
domestication of animals as a resource for survival. Within this group, many are
able to breed livestock for food, clothing, and transportation. Many of the
livestock are sold to other groups in Kenya for beads, clothing, and grains. The
people of Maasai are living in a counter-culture environment. Maasai’s way of
living is totally different from the typical mainstream or popular culture.
Popular culture consists of the pattern of cultural experiences and attitudes
that exist in mainstream society. Maasai have their young boys herd their
livestock, and they don’t have access to your typical grocery store for food or
TV for entertainment.

            Their traditional social order was for all the men to
fence the kraal, women to construct their home from the ground up and for the
warriors and the boys to herd the livestock. Maasai
did undergo a social transformation. Maasai was transforming from a pastoral
society to an agricultural society. In Massai, the reserves are now being
considered protected areas set aside for conservation, wildlife viewing, and
tourism. There is a subculture within Maasai that differs in many ways from
what’s considered a normal society. The women drink blood to alleviate

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            It is possible to have elements from different societies
mixed to form a more modern society. For example, the industrial societies and
the agricultural societies will mix well. In an industrial society, many people
will make new inventions that influence people daily lives. For example,
instead of paying someone for clothes, the people would find a textile mill for
producing fabrics for clothing. The agricultural culture had permanent tools
for survival. Farmers would learn to rotate crops grown in the fields which led
to better harvests and bigger surpluses of food.

            In the next 20 years, I could see Maasai transforming
into another type of society. I can see Maasai transforming into an industrial
society. With an industrial society that would be a step up, meaning the people
of Maasai will have products like paper and glass, also better education and
health care. Maasai would also have access to gas, lights, and develop
nightlife for teens and adults. I don’t really see Maasai as being a
popular culture, because there is no access to TV, or radio, or movies because
they are poverty-stricken country.

             Maasai culture is
totally different from the changes that occurred in the United States culture.
One being the way the women have to build their houses and milk the cattle.
Women in the United States culture go to the grocery store and buy their milk,
and buy homes that are already built by companies.