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Sneakerhead is a name that is given to people
who are all about shoes. Everywhere you go you will see billboards advertising
about the latest and hottest sneakers out. People go crazy when new sneakers are
being released and look everywhere to find a pair. Sneakers are very big in the
United States, but the shoe obsession doesn’t end here. The need for sneakers
spread all over the world such as China, Japan, Europe etc. Sneakerheads come
from all over the world, doesn’t matter your gender, ethnicity, or age. They
are willing to pay whatever amount of money for a pair of sneakers especially
if it is a limited-edition pair. Collecting and buying sneakers is a very
popular trend among teens and young adults. It’s a passion they have and for
some, their life revolves around it and it’s the only thing they love doing.

Sneakers were becoming more popular because
of hip-hop and sports. Major brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma were signing
million dollar deals with artists and celebrities to promote their shoes. Run
DMC for example, created a song called my Adidas back in the 80s to promote
their passion for the sneakers which then became a hit song. During their
concert’s in Madison Square Garden, they started to perform this song and
everybody in the audience had their Adidas sneakers in the air. Also, when
Michael Jordan came out with the first pair of Air Jordan’s everybody was
talking about them and wanted to get them. People are paying attention to what
celebrities are wearing. That’s when sneakers and clothing started becoming
more mainstream. When they see their favorite celebrity wearing something they
assume they have to get it too because that is what’s in style.

    For sneakerheads buying sneakers is about
getting the hardest to find pairs. They would wait in long lines in the cold.
Even sleep outside the stores for days just to get the latest sneakers that are
coming out. Kanye West did a partnership with Adidas they made very limited
pairs and were raffled in some locations. Since those sneakers sell out in
minutes the demand for them can go up to a thousand dollars. Before the internet
was mainstream you would have to go out and go to the stores and see what they
had. People would even fly to different countries to see what was out and This
is how diffusion would happen. According to the textbook Sociology a Brief
introduction diffusion refers to the process by which a cultural item spreads
from group to group or society to society. People bringing in different types
of sneakers you don’t see in the states from Japan and that’s how we begin to
get the same sense of style that is being used in Japan.  Sneakers are such a big thing to sneakerheads
that they even have their own convention. This is another example of diffusion.
They are all coming together showing off their best kicks selling them trading
them etc. It’s more than just collecting to some, it’s their life.

    Nothing can ever be fully enjoyed because
even collecting sneakers can put your life at risk. A lot of people have died
over a pair of sneakers and it just makes you wonder why? the thing is most of
these sneakers like Yeezys or Jordan’s come in limited quantities and are
always hyped up in advanced. So, everybody is going to want them but not
everybody can get them. That is why people get violent because they get jealous
since they couldn’t get a pair for whatever reason they hate on the other
person who did. People want to be seen looking cool with the latest sneakers so
when they can’t get them, they try and steal it from someone. The film
sneakerheadz shows a clip of people going crazy in a mall for some new Jordan
sneakers that had just come out. People were pushing each other, running over
each other it got so bad police had to pepper spray them. It’s sad people are
acting like animals over a pair of sneakers. In another clip during the film,
someone recorded a male beating up another male then taking his shoes. What I
don’t understand about today’s society is why are you just standing around and
recording instead of breaking up the fight. For all, we know that could have
been that persons only pair of shoes.

way the sneakers are marketed is part of the reason why we are having these
social problems. They market them as if it is something you need to have. They
get your favorite celebrities to wear them during the commercials. As said
before they sell limited quantities so this makes people go crazy. They market
their sneakers by what is trending, design their sneakers with styles and
colors that are commonly used. When promoting their sneakers, they show you it
can be used for everyday wear or even fitness. Depending on the brand if its
better quality it would be more expensive but if it’s cheaper quality it would
be cheaper. They would sell cheap quality sneaker so it doesn’t last long and
you go out and buy more. Another thing they did was release sneakers at
midnight but since things were getting violent they decide to change it the
time of release to the morning. They thought changing the release time would
make things easier but it didn’t. They have different ways to market their sneakers
and although they see that some of their marketing strategies were part of the
violence they never changed it.

    At the end of the film Sneakerheadz, you
see all of them at a sneaker convention and someone said when it first started
it was mostly adults that would attend and now you see more kids and teens
there. Although being a sneakerhead has is cons it does have its pros. They all
come together to show off their styles. And whatever doesn’t sell it in stores
it can definitely sell there. You might find a pair of sneakers ugly and would
never think to buy but someone at that convention would pay up to five hundred
for that shoe. The sneaker community is going to continue to grow because you
have companies that never sold sneakers before that are starting to sell them