Adele Live (Touré 2011) She performed on SNL in

Adele Adkins, better known by merely just her first name Adele, is
a British singer-songwriter. Adele was born in London in May 1988, In a single
parent home with her mother. Adele says that her mother is the one who started
to grow her love for music. Adele’s mother started her
love for music by having her sing to friends and bringing her alone to concerts
(Berrington, 2012). Adele’s love for music
inspired her to go to school for music. Adele attended a performing arts school
called the Brit School for the Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon
(Gompertz, 2016). Adele’s influences are Mary J
Blige, Lauryn Hill, and Alicia Keys. A huge influence
on her music is an artist whose record she found in the bargain bin, Etta James
(Touré, 2011). Before graduating the performing arts school,
she attended, her friend posted a video of her singing on Myspace and from the
video she received many emails from
record producers asking to meet with her, the video was so popular she got a
record deal (Touré 2011).

musical style was solid from the very moment she received her record deal, sit
or stand and sing (Gompertz, 2016).  Her
music came easy to her, the writing was
something that didn’t cause pressure. It was low
pressure because her music came from her own heartbreak (Gompertz, 2016). Her
album 19 didn’t have amazing results in the United States. Adele didn’t get the
true recognition she deserved in the United
States until she landed a spot-on Saturday Night Live (Touré
2011) She performed on SNL in the middle of the 2008 presidential campaign. Due
to the attraction to the show of election more than fourteen million people saw
Adele performed two songs from her album,
this moment changed her career and her songs skyrocketed on iTunes to number
eight, and later up to number one (Touré 2011.) Adele had a
fresh voice she has influence from jazz and other older music that gave her a
new voice in the popular music of today
(Gompertz, 2016). When Adele released her new album 21 it went straight to the

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top of the music charts in many countries and was a very quick
selling album in her home country of the United Kingdom (Gompertz, 2016). When
Adele was writing 21 she wrote from her own broken heart, she told New York
times “the way she felt writing her album
21 is a way she’d never want to feel again because she was so miserable.”  As well as has had extremely popular music
Adele won six Grammies after releasing
her second album and also won two Brit awards (Berrington, 2012).

    In 2015 Adele released
her third album. Her album did better than many other popular artists that also
had released albums that same year. Her album was selling thousands upon
thousands of copies daily (McIntyre, 2016). Adele told the New York Times “In
order to feel confident in what I perform, it has to move me.” Before Adele
released her new album 25 she was concerned that she had missed her window
between the last album she had produced and the
one she wanted to write. She later realized that she wrote music for herself
and doesn’t want to do anything else
(Pareles, 2015). Adele fills all of her music with what she feels creating
ballad of today’s world. So many people connect
with her music on a personal level. According to Adele’s
statement to NPR, “it is a compliment for people to connect to the music
because she listens to music she wants to be able to personally connect to the
music, I hope that I can bring different
emotions to people.” Adele also mentioned that her new
album 25 had added different elements of music to her work. She had added a
more pop-based song to her otherwise blues background (NPR Staff, 2015).  Before 25 was released Adele changed some of
the songs and wrote new ones that were not originally going
to be a part of the album because she did not love the songs she had previously
written (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 2015). She didn’t
want to release something she did not love to her audience. Adele is a musician who truly puts her best foot forward
to make the best music she can for not only her fans but herself.

    Adele gets her
inspiration for her writing her music from the emotional things that happen in
her life. Adele is commended for writing her own music unlike many other pop
stars of today. Though the people that listen to Adele’s
music don’t focus on her abilities to write a song they just assume that she is
like everyone else who has music written for them, she initiates the songwriting after an emotional event so people can really tell
how she was feeling that moment when she was writing her song. Paul Epworth
says “She’s passionate for the music she writes and people around her can
tell that there is a fire when she writes music because she writes what she
feels and how it affects her (Graham, 2012).

For the age of pop, Adele has jazz melodies included in her music.
Adele named her three albums based off of the ages that she was at the time her
music was written. Adele can be recognized as more of a soul singer and that is
what makes her voice and music very unique. There is a lot of art within her
pieces making the way her songs are phrased very well done. She uses the way
her songs are written to make the audience feel (Petrusich, 2015). In an
Interview with Skavlan (a Norwegian-Swedish television show) Adele said that
releasing her new album was something that scared her because she didn’t
know if even her own music could compete with the popularity of her album 21,
which had record breaking sales and
reactions from fan across the world (Skavlan, 2015).

Even with Adele’s immense talent, she is
aware of her voice and its capabilities. In an interview on the Ellen show,
Adele opened up about the fact that her performance was pitchy and how outside things affect her performances in this case
of the microphones on the piano had come off forcing her to figure out what the
distractions were. She told Ellen that a lot of her performances are very
emotional and that also affects if she sings a bit flat or a little sharp (The
Ellen Show, 2016).  Just like anyone else
Adele feels stage fright and feels that there is more pressure than ever to
perform the best she can the more successful she has gotten.

Adele has clearly become a voice of the ages with her refreshing
jazz and blues tones in a world of mostly pop music. Her presence has become
overwhelming in the music industry due to the raw emotions she is able to show
by turning her personal emotions into her musical gain. Adele has only become
more and more successful with each album she has released. Adele is an
extremely talented artist who writes music for the world and herself. Her music
makes it easy to connect your own emotions to which makes her relatable. Adele
sings with such passion and vulnerability that her music makes people feel
every verse she sings. Adele has had a lot of success from the start of her
music career with her first album 19. Since the release of her first album, her
career has only gone uphill. Her albums have had record-breaking success and
chart-topping songs. She has become a well-known figure in the music business
and truly had a positive impact on the community by bringing her fresh voice to
a music world of largely electronic pop. With each of her album’s
released Adele’s music has become increasingly popular and more and more loved
by people. Adele’s music is influenced by the classics as well as music of
today making it a very well blended sound of new and old coming together to
create music so many people love and identify