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Act two of the film is related to pollution in Love Canal and how various bills were passed as a result of the unregulated dumping of chemicals into both water and the atmosphere. The conservation movement initially focused on few prominent environmental issues. After dumping toxic chemicals in a canal, the environmental movement that focused on pollution and pressured the Congress through various demonstrations to come up with policies that promote cleaner air and water. Both the movements concentrate on conserving the environment, however, the aggression of environmental movement proved to be different. Everyone participated in most of the environmental movement demonstrations regardless of gender and class. Individuals came together, and the film demonstrates how women, men, blacks, whites matched on various streets, demanding a cleaner environment.Act 3) I think Greenpeace policy was essential in saving the whales and I hope it is still active until today. Whalers especially the Russian had set a factory in the sea surrounded by the large pull of blood and this shows how protecting whales was essential. Paul Matson decision of breaking the nonviolent policy was a bad move.  Watson should have been arrested especially after using violent methods of literally wrecking ships. The environmental movement and anti-war movement work through protest and other grassroots mean to attempt to pressure the government. The issues that both movements have in common are social issues such as displacement of people as a result of war or pollution that can cause individuals to move.act 4) Individuals can come together and form public reserve groups whose main agenda is to protect the environment. Rubber tappers living in the Amazon united and said no to ranchers from destroying the forest by physically blocking them, something that attracted the world attention. Also, as individuals, we should have ethics toward the environment and learn how to protect it. The government should ensure that it comes up with policies that aim at protecting the environment. The government should also finance environmental conservation group to enable the conserve the environment.Act 5) Paul Hawken, a well-known environmentalist, states that addressing climate change issue lies with more than two million organizations that are currently trying to find a solution. The United States and China, the two major emitters of carbon dioxide should come together and look for ways of reducing emissions.