According years old should sleep around 7:30 pm –

to Staff Writer (2017), sleeping way past your bed time can affect your
performance and outputs the other day. Sleeping late will give you side effects
to your physical and mental health that you can bring once you get older. If
you don’t get enough sleep these are the things that you can get:

of Concentration

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Additional effects that can
also affect your health according to Pragati Kashyap (2013), sleeping late can
also give you a deep voice when you wake up. It will also give you back aches
that will affect your overall health because of cold and fever. Obesity is also
an effect of sleeping late because people who sleeps late tends to skip their
breakfast will crave for food during working hours and it will also weaken
their metabolism. For those who are conscious of their looks, sleeping late can
give them dark circles around their eyes, pimples, and any other skin problem.

            Harvard stated that sleeping late
can increase the risk of you having a type 2 Diabetes. Studies have shown that
people have who sleeps late tends to have this kind of disease. Studies have
also shown that sleeping properly can influence your blood sugar control better
and reduce the effects of the Diabetes.


What time and how
long should every people sleep?


Everyone has their own proper
sleeping time. Every stage in life has their proper sleeping time. Specifically
infants, childhood, adolescent, and adulthood should have their proper sleeping

            What time should an infant sleep?
According to Alexis Dubief (2013), an infant should sleep between 7:00 pm –
12:00 am. It’s normal for a baby to sleep around 11:00 pm but if your baby
isn’t sleeping yet after midnight then there is something problem with the parenting
that’s happening. It is recommended that an infant should sleep for 12 to 15
hours long.

            According to WebMD, a child ranging
to 3 -6 years old should sleep up around 7 pm – 9 pm and should have a sleep
for 10 – 12 hours long. For a child whose age is 7 – 12 years old should sleep
around 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm and should have a sleep for 10 – 11 hours long. These
procedures should be done every day.

time and how long should a teenager sleep? Sleep Foundation stated that every
teen should sleep already before 11:00 pm and should have a 8 1/2 hours of
sleep to have a good performance in their school works

            In the adulthood stage of life it is
divided into three; the younger adults, the adults, and the older adults. The
National Sleep Foundation (NSF) stated that younger adults age from 18 – 25
years old that they should have a sleep range of 7 – 9 hours. For the adults
age from 26 – 64 years old should have a sleep range of 7 – 9 hours also. And
lastly for the older adults age from 65 years old and up should have a sleep
range of 7 – 8 hours of sleep.


            One of the things that people demand
today is sleep. Sleep is the only way for people to rejuvenate or to regenerate
their body to have the same energy the other day. Lack of sleep and sleeping
late will make us regret things in the future because of the effects that it
can give. It is recommended for the people to sleep right and healthy to avoid
the possible bad effects that can happen. Let us sleep right and live right.