According the facts are everywhere. Just because they do

According to statistics there are, “four hundred and
eighty thousand school buses in the United States, transporting twenty-six
million students who attend school each day. (American School Bus Council.)” “According
to the (NHTSA), since 1988 there have been over 416,000 fatal crashes in the
United States.  1,265 of these involved
school buses, or 0.03%. 1,409 people have died in accidents involving school
buses, of which 113 were students (8%.) (Stephen Satterly.)” “They also state
that 1% of students killed during normal school travel hours were on a school
bus, making school buses the safest way to get to school (Stephen Satterly,
2009).” So how come the death percentage is so low on school bus deaths,
compared to the car crash deaths, given the cars have seatbelts? Looking for
this answer one will find that the NHTSA has put a lot of thought into the
safety measures of School buses. One will find that school buses are designed
to be safer than passenger vehicles in avoiding crashes and preventing injury.
According to the Cowest website, “Not
only do school bus drivers receive extensive training on safety and security,
but most buses are built with reinforced sides, steel rub rails, and a custom
designed passenger safety cages. ( 2017.)” “School buses also have
high padded seats specifically design to absorb impact. (Ann Svensen.)” These
buses are designed to protect children. Buses are created with compartmentalization,
keeping kids closed in, with the buses high cushioned seats, and close side by side
seating. Researchers from the NHTSA stepped in with new
safety standards. “Joints were better reinforced to prevent buses from tearing
apart, a”fuel system integrity” made them less vulnerable to fires, and roofs
were strengthened to prevent collapse during a rollover. (Linda Poon, 2017.)” So
even though school buses don’t have seatbelts they are the most and have been
the most safest way of on road transportation. According to the American School
Bus Council, “You can go Green by Riding Yellow,” (American School Bus
Council,) this seems off topic, but their article not only speaks for the
environment, but gives very useful information on “how each school bus takes
the place of thirty-six cars, which brings up the safety of their being less
car crashes, which do have children in them. (American School Bus Council.)”
School buses are safer than any on road transportation there is, the facts are
everywhere. Just because they do not have seatbelts doesn’t change how much
safer they are and have been over the years.