According Interestingly, plastic surgeries took a large chunk of

According to
Time Health, over 15
million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2014 in the U.S. alone. Interestingly,
plastic surgeries took a large chunk of the $13 billion spent on these cosmetic

In the midst
of these ever increasing surgical procedures, there has also been an upsurge in
the number of non-surgical
procedures, which are equally effective but less invasive. One of such
procedures is NeckTite.

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NeckTite provides
a safe way to non-surgically treat aging fat and loose (or redundant) skin in
the neck area. The procedure involves contouring the neck to remove excess fat from
a sagging skin and then tightening it.

Here are
answers to common questions asked about the NeckTite procedure.

What are the benefits of NeckTite?

The benefits
of the NeckTite procedure are:

No surgical operation is involved.

It is virtually pain-free.

NeckTite is minimally invasive, as only a small incision is

The neck area becomes more toned

The procedure is extremely safe because of the temperature

There is little or no risk of burns.

The procedure is quick and less complicated.

Results are quickly visible.

Bruising and swelling, the common side-effects, typically fade
away within a week.

NeckTite is less expensive than the traditional neck lift.

Which parts of the body benefit from NeckTIte?

The entire
area above the shoulders, mainly the neck and jaw areas, mostly benefit from

How does NeckTite work?

uses a technology referred to as the Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL).
RF energy is applied to the treatment area and the Necktite device is then inserted
under the skin. This produces a minimal amount of heat that melts down the excess
fat cells. This instrument also tightens the skin to reduce sagging.

When will you start seeing results?

Depending on
your skin condition and type, you could start seeing results right from the
first day of the procedure till about the 6th or 24th week.

How safe is NeckTite?

Like stated
earlier, this NeckTite procedure is extremely safe. It is unlike the
traditional neck lift procedure which sometimes results in cellular damage. The
application of temperature controls stops the production of RF energy once the temperature
required is reached.

What are the side-effects of NeckTite?

Slight bruises
and mild swelling are the 2 most visible side effects. They can be taken care of
within a week through the use of medications.

What’s the likely recovery period?

Thee downtime
is tremendously low, as most patients resume their normal daily activities
within a few days.

How long will the results last?

Through the NeckTite
procedure, the body is stimulated to produce new collagen, which gives
long-lasting results. Thus, the skin appears younger and tighter, and the results
can last for five years or more.

Can a pregnant or breastfeeding woman undergo
the NeckTite procedure?

No, you
cannot have NeckTite while breastfeeding or during pregnancy. We also recommend
that you delay your NeckTite for some weeks if you’ve previously had dermal