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A college education is necessary for a student’s life in today’s society. It opens up many doors for students and sets them on a road to success. Many people dream of going to college to earn a degree. However, not many students make the first step to enroll in a college, they stop when they look at the tuition. I believe that college should be free for reasons being, more students will enroll and graduate in a college, and students will focus on learning instead of worrying about college tuition.
Our decisions involve choices that demand slightly more or less of something instead of wholesale change. Community college should be free for everyone. “free community college is effective at getting more students into college, particularly when combined with mentoring”(Carruthers). Students can attend community college before they go to a private college. 40% of students are ready for college while 70% of students go straight into college. It causes a problem because when 70% of students go straight to college are unprepared for college and they have to do remedial courses. Some students never complete those courses(Petrilli).
The benefits of making college free out ways the cost. Think about it, the only cost of making college free would be increasing tax for everyone. However, more students will enroll in a college and complete degrees faster with more skills. Free college will help students focus on learning rather than working to pay their tuition. It also helps drive our economy and our democracy(Goldrick-Rab).
Many students do not enroll in a college because they come from a low-income family. Programs like Tennessee promise help students by mentoring them how to be successful and changing their view of college. Tennessee promise has been very successful. It was able to Increase college enrollment by 10 percent and help those students pay for college. 45% of Tennessee Promise students are eligible for federal Pell grants that cover community college tuition and fees.

In conclusion, college should be free. People will finally be able to enroll in college and do well in their studies without worrying about their tuition. College enrollment rates will increase dramatically.

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