a. the Middle East and African countries as per

What is the country’s stand?

Post to conflict Middle
East countries and African countries developed many problems of their own as a
result of environmental issues, slowdown of economy, scarcity of natural
resources etc. While Middle East countries had disorder due to terror and had
to establish peace process. Whereas African countries had a crisis of food,
fighting hunger, poverty, lack of education, infrastructure, and health issues.

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Israel’s stand was to
ensure food security and assisting those nations to improve general living of
the people, protecting the environment, extensive use of simple technology,
reduce the waste, protecting the natural resources, and provide health to
people at reasonable cost.

What has the country done?

The Israeli has taken
number of steps to establish the necessary measures required for the Middle
East and African countries as per their need. 
In Middle East it has practically addressed building pollution free environment
and promote the sustainable use of resources in design and construction,
training of people etc.

In African countries it
has addressed  imparting best  agricultural technology,  repaired  infrastructure  such as  building homes, roads, bridges; restoring
water, electricity fuel supplies, schools, markets, hospitals. Provided the
training necessary for operations & maintenance and established financial
infrastructure including start of financial institutions. Many more issues such
as building judiciary system, technological developments are established.

c. What does the
country want to do in the future?

 Israel has developed tremendous advancement in  use of solar energy, drip irrigation system ,
usage of simple contemporary  technology
in agriculture , solar energy, Desalination
of seawater , emission  Cleaning and
Control and Upgrading Existing Sewage Plants.


d. Solutions to
solve the issue.

must address issues such as  protecting vital
water sources, control air pollution , , allow for safe waste water recycling,
pesticide-free agricultural produce, and safe disposal of solid and hazardous
waste.  As a CSR, Private corporations
may be engaged for sustainable development by taking initiatives includes
health and safety, education, eco-friendly solutions and community investments.