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A commercial relocation is usually complex in nature. It involves a lot of stakeholders such as your team, clients, employees, factory workers etc. This is quite unlike shifting houses. You must have a solid plan which you can execute without affecting operations.Check the moving service providers credentials. You need to ask some serious questions, since after all you’re trusting the provider with expensive machinery. Some of the questions to ask could be: what number of years have you been in the moving business?, how many commercial relocations have you executed?, what accreditations does your moving company have? to which associations and for how long?, do you have references and testimonials from customers to support your claims?, etc…Ask the relocation company to provide you with a high level plan for the relocation. The plan should help you with what to expect from the relocation service provider. Check if insurance is covered as part of the move. Insurance cover takes care of unexpected accidents. Hiring an insured commercial moving company ensures the safety of your goods.Check how the belongings are packed. Keep an eye on the quality of the packing material. This ensures the safety of your goods in transit.Check how the plant and machinery will be reinstalled also the furniture and office equipment. Ensure that a trained installer carries out the specific installations of your office furniture or plant & machinery.The impact of relocation on overall operations should be as minimum as possible. The disruption of service could cost you and your reputation could be affected badly, hence this needs to be managed carefully. Last year our office moved from Mumbai to Nagpur and we used the services of Writer Relocations for our move. Writer executed our move flawlessly. They came and packed our office goods carefully, transported the goods and upacked and reinstalled office equipment at our new office with aplomb.