A: California, it was so White, and there was

Good Evening, USA. Welcome to the XYZ show. Today, we have among us a great
comedian, currently being featured in the Daily Show. He started out as a
stand-up comedian and now hosted the White House Correspondents Dinner, and
also has his own Netflix special. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome none
other than Hasan Minhaj.

Thank you, thank you so much guys.

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So, Hasan, you have a new show coming up, The Homecoming King on Netflix.
Correct me if I am wrong, it is based on various events throughout the span of
your lifetime till now.

Yes, XYZ, you are correct. So, not trying to give anything away, but, yeah it
begins with my earliest memories of childhood, couple of events of racism I
went through. Because, when I was born in Davis, California, it was so White,
and there was little diversity. I have also tried brought out the typical
immigrant policy and the generation gap between us and our immigrant parents.

Ok..Ok. And did the people who were part of the story, the ones you mentioned
in the show, do they know about the show? Did any of them see it?

Ooh yes, they surely did. Not only did they know about the show, they actually
were there, during the show. It was amazing.

So let’s talk about developing this material. How did you come up with it?

I started working at it about three years ago at The Moth Story Slams. So the
theme was heartbreak. So after doing years of standup, suddenly I am given the
topic of heartbreak. So I had to think about first time falling in love, and
who with I fell in love for the first time.

Did you see a difference between the normal stand-ups and The Moth?

At The Moth, you are given the topic and then you have to figure out a story.
And so it was the first time I had to let go of the act. And now, I have to
tell a real story with all those little funny moments in it. And I told the
story of the first person I fell in love with and then going to prom with her,
and then not being able to go because of her parents. Catherine Burns, the
Creative Director was really interested in 
the story, especially about the relationship between me and my Dad, me
sneaking out of the house, and then not being able to go because of her parents
and the color of my skin, the racism. And so I started to write it out with my
Director Greg Walleck. And the story started to take shape as we wrote it.

So you had the core and everything else started to weave around it?

Yeah.. it was like going backwards. Answering the question of what it was like
growing in an Immigrant household. And Bethany’s relation with her parents, her
relationship with race, identity and ethnicity. Obviously, I don’t wanna give
anything away, but everything sort of weaved in a way for which I cannot take
credit for. It’s like life sometimes writes better punchlines that you ever