A before testing the product on humans – as

            A grotesque 26 million animals had been used as test
subjects last year alone. Animals are often used to make sure that the latest
vaccinations won’t harm humans. New medical treatments are often used on animals
first to verify the dangers of the new medications to make sure they are fit
for human consumption. More and more companies in the health care and
commercial industries are turning to animal testing in order to not have to risk
a human life.


            While most people disagree with animal testing, researchers
have show that as ancient humans as early as 500BC were using animals in order
to learn more about their own bodies. People often times say that testing anything
on animals is “inhumane” and “cruel”. These same people argue that humans are
more than capable of coming up with better ways to test these medicines than
wasting a life, whether that life be human or not. There are organizations worldwide
such as PETA that protest the use of animals in these situations, and
rightfully so. PETA argues that testing on animals will always give irrelevant data
compared to that of humans, making the tests a complete waste of time.

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            On the contrary, the use of animals as test subjects is
seen by educated medical professionals as a necessary step towards bettering
the lives of tomorrow. While of course it’s not exactly ideal to cause harm to
anyone, it is argued that it is the only safe way to test new medicines without
harming other humans. Typically, researchers and scientists will begin their
studies on rats. Depending on whether or not the rats pass the given tasks,
often times scientists will move to monkeys before testing the product on humans
– as their genetic code is very similar to that of a human. People argue
against PETA, saying that testing medicines on animals first saves millions of
lives all over the world. While testing on animals isn’t illegal, there are many
precautions that industries must take in order to not cross the “anima abuse”


            In summary, using animals for research is becoming more and
more a think of the past. Advocates claim that the animals being tested are
never intentionally put in harm’s way, and that they are always taken care of
as well as possible. Most advocates claim that there is no other way we could
safely test drugs, and that using directly on humans without prior testing
would be catastrophic. To this day, there are still many organizations that
protest in order to shut down the industry, as they feel that it is inhumane
and cruel in nature.