A al, 2008). Evidence marshalled by Booth (2002) also

A further factor I am interested in looking at
is the idea of male and female role models and how they contribute to
attainment. As I am conducting my study in a school which has only female
teachers, I am intrigued to find out if this lack of male role models in the
school has impacted the boys’ attainment.

Throughout primary schools, the relative shortage
of male teachers is often associated with boys’ underachievement and the
so-called ‘feminisation’ of the teaching profession has been held partially
accountable for the lack of role models for boys (Carrington et al,
2008). Evidence marshalled by Booth (2002) also highlights the significance of
adult role models for boys’ development and examined the issue of feminisation of education workforce, highlighting
that male practitioners and teachers have historically been underrepresented
within the early years and Primary sector. To develop this point further, a
study conducted by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA)
highlighted the negative impact that the lack of male teachers may be having on
male pupils. The study
concluded that 50% of male pupils were more likely to approach a male teacher
about bullying or problems with school work, 51% admitted that they behave
better with a male teacher and one in four boys claim their favourite teacher
is a man.  However, a contrasting
viewpoint is offered by Gold and Reis (1982) who argued that the most important
thing children, both boy and girls, need for their development is a teacher
with a positive attitude towards the child, regardless of the teacher’s gender.
Despite this research being potentially outdated, more current research has
also summarised that a person whom is regarded by others as a good example to
follow is a role model irrespective of genders (Collins, 2009).  Having considered these perspectives, I would
like to expand my knowledge on the extent different gender role models have on
children’s development in writing. I will therefore, look at teachers’
perspectives on this from the school I have chosen to conduct my study. 

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