In “The
American Man at Age 10,” Susan Orlean uses anaphora, sudden transitions, and
continuous quotes to specify the observations of the kid Colin Duffy.

            Orlean uses anaphora in the first
paragraph when she explains how it would be if she were to marry Colin by
starting every sentence with “We would.” For instance, she writes, “We would
wear shorts, big sneakers and long, baggy T-shirts depicting famous athletes
every single day… We would sleep in our clothes” (45). Through the
repetition, Orlean introduces who and what kind of kid Colin is to the
audience, which is not only informing but also makes the audience be interested
in Colin.

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            A sudden transition is another
literary device Orlean uses, which is present on pages 52 and 53. There is a
transition on page 52 when Orlean gives information about what psychologists
analyze ten-year-olds as. In addition, there is another transition on page 53
when she explains how Colin’s room looks like. Although the transitions seem to
be sudden, they are necessary because the information provided is about Colin
and they also help the audience connect the information and ideas the author presents.

            The continuous quotes said by Colin
on page 54 are a literary device because the responses from Colin portray how an
ordinary ten-year-old is. Rather than summarizing what he said, quoting Colin
added emphasis because it seemed as if the Colin was talking to the readers. After
all, Orlean effectually reveals who and what type of kid Colin is.