Many message Strategies focused on
any customer and it too broad. They hope to reach the largest number of
possible customer. However, the hotel and resorts industry have different
segments with different demand. When the message is too wide, it never reaches
everyone. Marketing team will do interviews with consumers to controls and
collect the benefits. The result will help MHR to tweak the message as needed
based. Team can to creating different messages for different kinds of customer.
For example: For customers who need relaxation after tired working days. The
message for them would be Forgot your stress- Relax with MHR. On the other
hand, for customers traveling with their family, the team will send a message
related to the cohesion. That makes MHR Lombok difficult to make a difference
when it compared to competitors. Our researched have shown that positive
emotions from advertising can have a positive impact on the evaluation of
brands from the customer. The message project will appeal to the minds of
consumers by reading their psychological and demographic characteristics.


6.3 Creative execution styles to be used

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            MHR need to differentiate itself from its competitors. We
recognize that there are still many similarities between MHR Lombok and other
resorts. Therefore, team look to combine
vision and sound.  Consumers will notice
the key advantages of the resort when they choose MHR. MHR Lombok will use this
execution kind because it is the best method especially for digital advertising.
Customers are more likely to believe the message that resort try to share

Secondly, we also using visual
elements such as image, figure, logo and symbols instead of information. Brand
image is usually used with spiritual or emotional appeals.  MHR Lombok using this execution kind because
it encourages customers to connect the brand with certain notation, characters
which already shown in the advertisement to make difference from MHR’s