In the
article, “Check the Media: Religion is Hot!” (Macionis & Gerber, 2018), the
concepts of religion in the media can be best explored from a
symbolic-interactionist viewpoint, using the method of interpretative

explores the interactions of small groups and individuals, since it is considered
a micro level approach. This specific article looks at the unique groups that
are religions and their presence in the media. Each faith has distinctive
symbols and traditions, each with significance given by the individuals who
practice the religion. This accompanies the theory in that society is viewed as
people interacting through symbolic communication. This article also features
the assessment that society constantly shifting and adapting according to the exchanges
between people. Today, it is simple to access scripts such as the Bible or Qur’an,
as well as other sacred content online. This has completely changed from how it
was 600 years ago, when religion was only able to be shared by spiritual
leaders in special buildings. (Macionis & Gerber, 2018). People have
constructed a new aspect of society, making religion more accessible to the
public by promoting its presence in the media, proving again that symbolic
interactionism can be related to the article.

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As stated
above, the article is well investigated through the use of interpretative
sociology. The intricate operations of any religion can be explored using qualitative
methods of data collection such as participant observation. The set meanings of
the acts in religious practices and ceremonies are given by those who observe
them, allowing spiritual people, no matter if they are online or elsewhere, to shape
the culture of their group on a day to day basis (Macionis & Gerber, 2018).

In all, the
article is best regarded from a perspective of symbolic interactionism, while
utilizing interpretative sociology.