5. of e-satisfaction adapted from literature of Amin et

5. Methodologya. Data Collection Process- Data was collected through structured questionnaire from actual customers who had experienced with online shopping. Questionnaires were sent to 200 persons via e-mail, stated the objective of this study and included a hyperlink to the questionnaire. This study was done in Bathinda, Talwandi Sabo and Chandigarh based on accessibility in the month of September, October and November, 2017. The purpose of selecting such areas is to enhance generalizability of the results and representation of online customers.b. Questionnaire Design-Questionnaire consists of two parts. First part concerned with the personal information of e-commerce users. Information asked in first part concerned with their gender, their age and their qualification. Second part consists of seven dimensions contain 29 questions. In the second part, E-Service quality was measured by considering variables from literature of Herington and Weaven (2009) and Ho and Lin (2010). The dimensions of e-satisfaction adapted from literature of  Amin et al., 2013; Herington and Weaven, 2009; Ribbink et al., 2004) and dimensions for e-loyalty adopted from literature of (Amin et al., 2013; Ramseook-Munhurrun and Naidoo, 2011; Zeithaml et al., 1996). Dimensions for e-trust adopted from literature of Dina Ribbink et.al (2004). Items in the questionnaire were 29 measured on likert scale ranging from 1(Strongly disagree) to 5 (Strongly agree)A total of 200 questionnaire sent through mail out of which 140 returned, 7 were incomplete. Only 133 were useful for analysis resulting 66.5% response rate. Table 1 represents the demographic profile of respondents stating 45.1% male user of E-commerce and 54.9% accounts for females.  Construct Classification Number %Gender MaleFemale 6073 45.154.9Age 15-2425-3435-4445-5455+ 2239183024 16.5429.3213.5322.5618.05QualificationN=133Table 1- Demographic Profile SecondarySr. SecondaryGraduationPost Graduation and more 12281182 9.0221.058.2761.666. Model Analysis-This study’s conceptual model hypotheses were tested using SPSS19.Table II. Standardized factor loadings, average variance extracted (AVE) and composite reliability (CR) Variables Items                                                                                     Loading AVE CRPersonal NeedCronbach alpha=.870 I feel completely safe when making transactions on thewebsite of online banks                                                                      .705I feel that my personal needs have been met when usingthe website of online banks                                                               .896The website of online banks provides me with information and products according to my preferences                                                .968 .7456 .8963Site OrganizationCronbach alpha=.799 The website of online banks is simple to use                                     .988The website of online banks is well organized                                  .636I can get on to the website of online banks quickly                          .763Website of online banks design is user friendly                                .650                                        .6983 .9004User FriendlinessCronbach alpha=.805 The website of online banks is user friendly                                      .724Navigation on the website of online banks is easy                            .988The website of online banks launches and runs right away               .788Pages at the website of online banks do not freeze                            .642 .6334 .8704-Website efficiencyCronbach alpha=.815 It is easy to find what I need on the website of online banks            .988It is easy to get anywhere on the website of online banks                .694 I can complete a transaction quickly on the website                         .702 .6517 .8441Customer SatisfactionCronbach alpha=.798 I am generally pleased with this bank’s online services                    .705Satisfaction I am very satisfied with these bank’s online services    .997I am happy with this online bank                                                       .988The website of online banks is simple to use                                     .705                     I am satisfied with overall online bank’s products and services        .997 .7916 .9487Customer TrustCronbach alpha=.766 I am prepared to give private information to online companies        .888I am willing to give my credit card number                                       .612It is not a problem to pay in advance for purchased products over the internet                                                                                               .696Online companies are professionals in their branch                          .823Online companies intend to fulfill their promises                              .790 .589 .8762Customer LoyaltyCronbach alpha=.898 I will recommend the online banking to other people                        .969Loyalty I prefer the online banking above others                              .994 I would like to say positive things to other people                            .969I would recommend online banking to someone who seeks advice I intend to continue using the online banking                                    .994                                                      .9634 .9906To check the internal reliability test for each dimension, all dimensions have cronbach alpha greater than .7 indicating good reliability as suggested by Nunnally and Bernstein (1994). The value of AVE and CR exceeds the acceptable criteria of .5 and .7 respectively as given by Fornell and Larcker, 1981 for testing convergent validity. For testing discriminant validity, procedure given by Fornell and Larcker (1981) was used in which square root of AVE higher than correlation estimated between factors. Table III shows that square root of AVE higher than correlation.