5.1.3 get the business of installments quite no matter


1. embrace new
goods/facilities on its result line. 
2. Bank got to take
enthusiasm toward the new market segments love it business, programming business then forth throughout this manner, perceptive and stock arrangement
of all instrumentation is also etc.

3. A large risk is also on changed
into mastermind antecedently, introducing” net dealer Accounts” within the country. 
4. Coating saving cash hours moreover gave that a larger quantity considering extension offices with clienteles. 
5. Increasing the ATMs
to further areas. 
6. Increasing credit
administrations ought to easier teams, therefore decreasing those
hazard for reduction moreover
civilizing the image of
the bank. 
7. whether or not new
frameworks would have familiar
with to those abroad Pakistani’s, later bank African
sandalwood get the business of installments quite no matter offered bank
or” Hundi Business”. 
8. Previously, December 2003
those bank is privatized, and also
the windfall is also there on catch those
advertise considering privately section
those banks might move over in law-makers fragment. Likewise, everyplace throughout the world bank is also generally from claiming non-public nature.

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5.1.4 THREATS:
1. increasing no. of personal / outside banks within the country. 
2. round the world
mechanical transformation amendment. 
3. Political – investment condition of the country. 
4. Decreasing within the business
activities within the state. 
5. Decreasing rates of the funds in distinctive areas concerning persons. 
6. Deteriorating certainty concerning kin
in banks. 
7. Doubts of the moguls. 
8. Workplace concerning finer edges by the non-public banks. 
9. Fails to supply consistency antecedently, Govt. Approach.





Recommendation & Suggestion

ü  BOP policy
should be clear & transparences.

ü  BOP is
required to encourage their branch manager that they interact with their
employee fairly.

ü  They have a
chance to introduced new extensions.

ü  BOP
improved their performance appraisal system and which should be on merit.

ü  Employee
training is necessary; they have to create more training programs to train
their employees.

ü  ? BOP
should make a good working condition If possible to avoid overcrowding and
allow each worker.

ü  BOP should
have differentiated ladies counter.

ü  BOP should
a formal identification program like employee of the month etc. to motivate the

ü  BOP should
protection employee’s bonuses incentives, & stock options.

ü  On the web
saving money ought to should a chance to be introducing overall those

ü  The fiscal
illustration must on be committed additional direct Furthermore trustworthy.

ü  BOP should
motivate its employee with effective interaction.

ü  BOP should
also work on latest advertising techniques, promotional strategies.


6.2 Conclusion

As we know internship is the great tool for getting practical
and professional knowledge. As you have seen, I have done my internship in BOP
Branch Sanda Road Lahore. I have a lot of professional activities from this
branch. During the work in different departments of different departments,
different tasks which I performed during my internship are already explained in
report. After writing comprehensively report on BOP I have reached this point
on the same aspect. This report is written on this report. I found some issues
regarding BOP promotional activities. Bop does not have a modern marketing
concept as compared to others. Presently now till BOP has adopted traditional
activities Bop management concept cannot know it is age of competition. BOP HR
parts are also very poor. Employee job satisfaction is not up to market. BOP
has no any sound performance appraisal system where employee could get maximum
benefits. BOP needs a good supervisor and leadership skills. BOP should teach
your supervisor, managers to use positive feedback. I have also observed that
they are not very attractive. Salary is not a motivator for workers. But they
do not want to be paid fairly. BOP must make sure that it has clear policies
regarding salaries and bonuses.