Frantic Assembly have three principles for
creating work which are used before devising a new piece of theatre. These
mainly focus on the physicality and then the text will be worked into the
movement later on. The first consists of attempting to find a starting point
for the physicality. They will try a range of different physical actions and
will build on these to get to their ending point, which will be complex
choreography. Second, they will find the meaning behind their movement, this
ensures that each movement has a purpose and adds to the final performance as a
whole. During this step the will also discuss what the movement says and what
it conveys to the audience. They enjoy exploring how to use physicality to
create subtext and meaning in this step. Third, they focus on the text and how
to incorporate the words into the movement so as the audience doesn’t get
overwhelmed. This is mainly where the blocking will come into play, using lines
to dictate movements. The lines are more cues for the movements which will