Based upon the situation I would
apply Service level management, Service desk, Incident management and problem
management in respective order.


Service level management will do communication
& relationship with appropriate        customers & business representatives because this is the only part of
ITIL v3 which can improve the understanding between the IT department and
service desk.

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 Service desk: After there would be
better communication and understanding between IT department and service desk,
they can able to solve customer’s problem like how much time it take to process
the operation. Also To quickly restore normal services and to log
all relevant requests it helps a lot.

Incident management will apply tools those
should be used to automate timescales and escalate. In this way it reduces the
incident which is occurring by different processes. It find out why problems
occurring and where is problem. Also, it reduces the impact of business on
internal sources.

Management – At last it eliminate recurring incidents and find out why there is
so long waiting time and why help desk is not able to solve the customer
problem. It also check why the help desk software giving them problem. It also
minimizes impact of incidents on customers that cannot be prevented.

These all
should apply in sequence and one by one so there will be no conflict between IT
departments, help desk, service department, business and users. These should
one by one because first service level management will find out the problem in
IT department and help desk, after this service desk will find out the problem
in software they are using. Moreover incident management will find out why it
occur and what is the cause of problem and At last problem management will find
out the solution of the problem which is occurring again and again.